Texas boys, 7 and 12, taken into custody after allegedly stabbing a 59-year-old woman: Report

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Two boys in Texas have been arrested and taken into custody after they allegedly stabbed a woman who was left hospitalized and in critical condition, according to Fox News Digital.

The stabbing took place on Saturday at a residence on April Valley Court in Harris County around 2:00 p.m. The boys, aged seven and 12, returned to the home after a possible confrontation with the 59-year-old female victim.

After the incident, the boys quickly fled the scene. The woman was transported to a hospital by life flight, according to sheriff Ed Gonzalez.

Sheriff’s office spokesperson Sergio Torres said, “From what I’ve gathered, it was just a verbal altercation.”

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“The female appeared to have several stab wounds to her abdomen area,” Torres added. “The female was transported to a nearby hospital where she’s right now in surgery and is in critical condition.”

The New York Post reported that it is not clear which of the children has been accused of the stabbing. Local media reportedly said that the 12-year-old is facing charges, but that information has not yet been confirmed by the Harris County sheriff’s office.

The recent stabbing incident is not the only one that has taken place in Texas over the past few weeks. In mid-February, a man was arrested and put in jail after allegedly stabbing another man over a workout machine.

A report noted that the incident occurred on February 16 at an LA Fitness in North Austin. LA Fitness member Andrew Puno said: “If you’re going to come to a public gym, it’s going to take some patience.”

However, one member at the gym could not wait any longer.

“We live in some crazy times, I suppose,” Puno said.

Court records indicated that the man was at the LA Fitness facility and wanted to use a leg press machine, but there was already someone using it. The man who was using the machine told the second man to go do something else until he was finished.

“There are signs posted that say somewhere between 10 and 20 minutes per equipment use, so if people are following those rules, then you shouldn’t have anyone get that impatient,” Puno said.

The court documents said the man waited patiently until the first man was finished using the machine. When the machine ultimately became available, the man finished his workout and made his way into the locker room.

The man who was first on the machine reportedly started yelling at the second man who asked to use the machine. The report noted that 69-year-old John Makinson — the man who was first using the machine — stabbed the second man in the buttocks with a knife, and then proceeded to chase him around the bathroom with the weapon.

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