Unsavory Facts about King Charles to Remind the U.S. Why We Rejected Monarchy

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Englishmen and many Americans are ecstatic at and enthralled by the coronation of King Charles III. I find this incomprehensible. Even if you don’t find monarchy severely problematic (Americans certainly should), Charles is a radical leftist globalist. Why on earth should we celebrate the accession of such a dangerous ideologue to the throne of Great Britain?

I am willing to admit there have been very good monarchs — as a Catholic, I honor multiple royal saints — but any honest student of history (or the Bible) must admit that blood is one of the least effective guarantees of virtue and skills. Most monarchs and aristocrats throughout history have been ruthless or weak, corrupt, arrogant, and self-serving. King Charles III seems a perfect illustration of this. His mother Queen Elizabeth was respected and beloved, not only in England but around the world. But her son has always been problematic both in his personal life and in his political ideology. Here are just a few examples.

The International Schiller Institute did an interview when Queen Elizabeth was still alive with Richard Freeman of Executive Intelligence Review, who wrote, “In the Footsteps of George III: Prince Charles Invented and Runs the ‘Green New Deal‘.” The Schiller Institute noted Charles’s role “in orchestrating the decades-long push by the British Monarchy for global depopulation in the name of the environment.” The new King has been a zealous activist for the radical and unscientific climate change agenda for decades, nearly as long as climate “experts” have been making failed predictions.

Charles has long worked with the insidious globalist World Economic Forum (WEF). In fact, Charles helped launch WEF’s “The Great Reset” project to remake the world, calling the catastrophe of the COVID-19 pandemic a “golden opportunity” to “turn a page and have history be about the Great Reset.” Remember WEF described its ideal world as one where you “own nothing, have no privacy,” and enjoy it, where “everything I do, think and dream of is recorded.” That’s what Charles’s and WEF’s Great Reset is about — less freedom and property for you, exponentially more power for the elites.

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As The Federalist wrote last September in “King Charles Can’t Serve Globalist Elites And The British People,” Charles is “the face of the WEF’s ‘Great Reset,’ which is the reason people can’t afford groceries or heat.”

Also, King Charles is not exactly an ideal candidate for Supreme Governor of the Church of England. Aside from his leftist mania for religious ecumenism in the public square, he’s hardly a devout Christian. As Ian Bradley, professor emeritus of cultural and spiritual history at the University of St. Andrews, put it, “The queen [Elizabeth] was very explicit about her Christian faith, but Charles’s is of a different nature. His is more spiritual and intellectual. Charles is more of a ‘spiritual seeker.’“ That’s woke-speak for non-practicing.

As Americans, we broke off from the British Empire because the monarchy attacked instead of safeguarding the rights of its citizens. King Charles is likely to be in the tradition of the tyrant King George III if he continues his various woke globalist projects. Why should we celebrate his coronation?

I think we can be glad, with Winston Churchill, that the British monarchy is meant to separate “pomp from power.” But the British monarchy still has influence. And freedom lovers both in Great Britain and around the world might soon regret the coronation of King Charles, the globalist king of England.

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