The Fringe with Megan Fox, Episode 82: VodkaPundit Shoots the Breeze About Life and Stuff

Political News

Are you feeling tired of all the usual political baloney? I am, so that’s when I call my good friend Stephen Green to make me laugh. Steve and I talk about raising teenagers, social media, stepping on Legos, the old tech we miss, and more. If you have not been tuning into the VIP Gold Live Chat that Steve and Kruiser do every Thursday from 3:30 p.m. to 6 p.m. EST, you’re missing out. I was on yesterday and we had so much fun chatting about entertainment and things that drive us crazy. You can catch the replay here. But it was so much fun I asked Steve to come hang out with me on The Fringe for more!

Sometimes you have to forget about the terrible headlines and just shoot the breeze. Because why not? Among the topics discussed is this hilarious takedown of And Just Like That (the Sex and the City reboot that is so awful that getting a root canal would be better than watching this trainwreck) that I did on YouTube. I’m still not over it. In fact, I’ll be writing up yet another article on why it’s so bad sometime today. The boys have both told me I need to start doing more culture articles about inner rage over this show and what the woke writers have done to it. But beyond that, we discuss lots of topics sure to entertain all of you.

Tune in!

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