NASA approved to test new technology that will PUNCH an asteroid headed toward Earth

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It would be impressive if technology existed that could deflect an asteroid on a path toward Earth and save mankind from devastating impact. Well, NASA plans to test new technology that aims to do just that.

On Wednesday’s show, Pat Gray and Jeff Fisher detailed how NASA has approved a project called the Double Asteroid Redirection Test, the aim of which is to throw a “small” asteroid off course in October 2022.

Pat called the technology amazing and later added that it would be impressive if we have the capability to move an asteroid out of its flight path. Watch the clip for more from Pat.

Can’t watch? Download the podcast here.

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  1. I vote to have that asteroid redirected to exact a direct hit on Washington D.C. only while ALL the corrupt, controlling politicians ARE ENGAGED in their ongoing process of further screwing the citizenry of the U.S.

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