“They Want Me to Die In Prison” – Roger Stone with Steve Malzberg at RT America (VIDEO)

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Roger Stone was on with Steve Malzberg at RT America this past week at “Eat the Press”.  Stone discussed how the media and the justice system are trying to pin him to the Capitol riots when he wasn’t even there.

Roger Stone joined Steve Malzberg at his ‘Eat the Press’ show this week and he responded to CNN’s reporting which looked like a hit piece on Stone:

That’s exactly what it is.  After all, we’re talking about events that happened two years ago and were thoroughly investigated.  No charges were brought because no wrong doing was found.  But once again CNN tries to give you the impression that this all happened yesterday which of course it didn’t.  The is part and parcel of the attacks by CNN and MSNBC and I’ll tell you why.

They’re blood lust is fueled solely by the fact that thanks to the grace of God, I was not brought down by the very carefully placed snare set for me by Congressman Adam Schiff and Robert Mueller and his dirty cops.  They are hysterical about the fact that I am not dying in prison right now. Thank God that the President recognized that I did not receive a fair trial and my indictment was a frame up.  Why?  Because they wanted to pressure me to testify falsely against the President.”

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