The Morning Briefing: New York City Isn’t Going to Survive the Democrats’ Reign of Error

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Happy Wednesday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Sampwyll knew there was much work to be done after only winning “Most Improved” at the annual Terre Haute Exotic Garnish Competition. 


Full disclosure: I absolutely love New York City. Although I’ve lived in the Southwest my whole life, New York has been an important part of my comedy career. I met my first real manager in Los Angeles, but he was based in New York. Everything got a little bicoastal for me after that. 

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When I first started hanging out there a lot it was just after Rudy Giuliani made them clean up the hookers, the chlamydia, and the fear of getting mugged. Native New Yorkers would publicly complain about the city losing its flavor; privately they would say that the place was much nicer. 

That’s been the New York of my experience until recently. 

That New York has, sadly, gone away.  The deterioration has been rapid, heartbreaking, and presided over by Democrats. 

Athena has a similar lament, and she wrote something yesterday about a disturbing trend in the city: 

From the remove of my relatively safe suburban town, I’ve watched the demise of my once-beloved New York City with a combination of horror and bemusement. Its descent into third-world s**thole status was foreseeable, but it’s still sad. And while the erstwhile greatest city on Earth has phoenixed itself from the ashes more than once, it seems ever more likely that perhaps the damage is too devastating to recover from this time.

On Sunday, Michael Stuhlbarg, a fairly well-known actor, was taking in the evening air on the Upper East Side near Central Park when a troglodyte whacked him in the back of the neck with a rock. (A varying report says the Neanderthal flung the rock in the actor’s direction.) Stuhlbarg chased his assailant until police were able to arrest 27-year-old Xavier Israel, a homeless man who — all together now — has been arrested before, including for assault and robbery.


She’s got more “random attacks on people’s heads” stories in the post. 

Those who aren’t getting hit in the back of the head are getting punched in the face. Recently, several women have reported being attacked on the streets of New York, which my friend and colleague Brandon Morse covered over at RedState

Unlike a lot of blue cities that have seen crime explosions since the “Defund the Police” craze during the St. George Floyd Mostly Peaceful Riotous Summer of Love in 2020, New York hasn’t been under purely Democratic rule for fifty-plus years. Close, but not complete. 

Giuliani had his two terms, of course. He was followed by Michael Bloomberg, who was Republican-ish for a while when he first got into office. Even though he strayed leftward as mayor, he never went full commie. 

Then Bill de Blasio showed up. 

The deterioration of the city’s safety began shortly thereafter. When NYPD veteran Eric Adams replaced de Blasio, many thought that some sense of law enforcement would return. Unfortunately, the Defund the Police poison had already done its work. Even worse, District Attorney Alvin Bragg was sworn into office the same day that Adams was. 

Bragg, as we know, is singularly obsessed with perverting the law to “get” Donald Trump. The real criminals in New York practically have carte blanche under Bragg. Bragg is the absolute worst person that could have become DA after de Blasio threw the cops under the bus.


The crime situation in New York City is now in a toilet swirl and the Democrats have no idea how to stop it. My latest column is about a Washington Post Op-Ed that wonders why the Left can’t “deal with crime.” The author leads off the piece discussing the rampant subway crime in New York City and Gov. Kathy Hochul’s belated, panicky response to it. 

The Democrats have thrown in with the criminals, and woe be unto any city under their rule. For those of us who love(d) New York, it would be nice to think that all of this might change the minds of some voters. 

We’ve seen this Dysfunctional Blue City movie too many times though. 

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