Gen V star Chance Perdomo dies in motorbike crash

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British-American actor Chance Perdomo has died in a motorbike crash at the age of 27.

Perdomo was born in Los Angeles but raised in the English city of Southampton.

He was best-known as Andre Anderson in the superhero show Gen V, a spin-off of the satirical TV series The Boys.

His representative said in a statement provided to NBC: “His passion for the arts and insatiable appetite for life was felt by all who knew him, and his warmth will carry on in those who he loved dearest.”

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Authorities concluded there was nobody else involved in the crash, they added.

No other details have been released, although Deadline, which first reported his death, said he died in Upstate New York on his way to Toronto.

Amazon MGM Studios and Sony Pictures Television, the makers of Gen V, said: “We can’t quite wrap our heads around this.

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“For those of us who knew him and worked with him, Chance was always charming and smiling, an enthusiastic force of nature, an incredibly talented performer and more than anything else, just a very kind, lovely person.”

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Perdomo was also known for playing Ambrose Spellman, a pansexual warlock in Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina, Netflix’s darker adaptation of Sabrina The Teenage Witch.

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His character was Sabrina’s cousin and often served as a voice of reason on the show, which ended in 2020, after four seasons.

In 2018, he told that he related to the role, saying: “I was always getting into fights until I put my energy into acting. Then my grades picked up, and I became president of the student union.

“Before that, I was similar to Ambrose being so pent up. He doesn’t know what to do with his energy because he’s trapped.

“At the same time, he’s very open and loving.

“I identify with that now more than ever, because being away from family for so long really puts things into perspective.

“No matter the occasion, if I get that FaceTime or phone call from mom or my brothers, I’m picking it up right away. It’s family first for Ambrose, and I’m the same way.”

Perdomo was recognised as a Bafta Breakthrough Brit in 2019, as well as being nominated for a best actor Bafta for his role in the BBC’s Killed By My Debt.

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