Christie says if mounting a third-party bid would assist Trump, ‘then it is not the way forward’

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Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie — who launched a bid for the Republican presidential nomination last year, failed to gain traction, and then ultimately dropped out before the Iowa GOP presidential caucuses earlier this year — seems to have indicated that he will not pursue a third-party White House bid.

The Washington Post reported that Christie and his team had probed the potential of a presidential bid connected with No Labels, but he ultimately determined that there was not a practical avenue to secure the win in the White House contest.

“I appreciate the encouragement I’ve gotten to pursue a third party candidacy. I believe we need a country that once again feels like everyone has a stake in what we’re doing and leadership that strives to bring people together, instead of using anger to divide us,” Christie noted in a statement. “While I believe this is a conversation that needs to be had with the American people, I also believe that if there is not a pathway to win and if my candidacy in any way, shape or form would help Donald Trump become president again, then it is not the way forward.”

Christie has previously said that he will not vote for Trump and “can’t see” himself voting for Biden. He participated in the GOP presidential primary debates last year, which Trump opted not to join.

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It appears that former President Donald Trump and current President Joe Biden will face off against each other during the presidential election later this year, as both men have become the presumptive nominees of their respective parties. Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who is running as an independent, will also be in the mix.

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