Vanderbilt students at anti-Israel protest ridiculed for calling 911 over tampon ‘toxic shock’ panic: ‘Like a comedy sketch’

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A small group of students who organized a sit-in protest at Vanderbilt University were roundly mocked and ridiculed after they called 911 over “toxic shock” in a protester who was not allowed to change her tampon.

The protesters were demonstrating Tuesday against the university’s refusal to participate in the Israeli divestment movement, but officials said they assaulted a community service officer and pushed staff members.

Critics of the protest erupted in laughter after a video from Vanderbilt Generation Action showed distraught protesters panicking after discovering one of their comrades hadn’t changed out her tampon in several hours.

They called 911 and one protester can be heard explaining, “There is currently a female student who is being denied the right to change her tampon that has been in for multiple hours, which leads to an increased risk of toxic shock syndrome.”

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The protesters argue with the dispatcher on the video.

“OK, what you are not hearing, what you are not hearing is that if she stands up to use the restroom to change her tampon, they are threatening arrest!” the protester says. “So, it is not an option for her.”

“Ma’am? Ma’am?” the dispatcher responds. “Do you have an emergency?”

“Yes, ma’am. I do,” the protester replies.

“That is an emergency!” another protester says.

The protest was broken up after the university began suspending students.

“So brave. So stunning.”

Many on social media mocked the students for their tampon toxic shock panic.

“LOL this is like a comedy sketch but it’s real!” read one response.

“They’re ready to storm Normandy tomorrow. So brave. So stunning,” was one sarcastic reply.

“What is really funny is how they expect the 911 dispatcher to solve this problem for them. What exactly do they want the dispatcher to do?” read another response.

“The only thing that these students have proven is their privilege- that their WORST day is not eating for 24 hrs & not getting to change their tampon according to package instructions (Big 90s girl mood, btw),” said another detractor on social media.

“Did that chick in Vanderbilt ever get to change her tampon or is she dead?” asked another social media user on Wednesday.

Video of the toxic shock tampon incident garnered over 9 million views.

Vanderbilt statement

The University said in a statement that several students were suspended in response to their actions.

“Some students physically assaulted a community service officer to gain entrance and proceeded to push staff members who offered to meet with them,” read the statement.

“Student Affairs staff took a graduated approach to de-escalate the situation,” they added. “First, they asked students to leave. After the students refused to leave, staff made them aware their actions violated university policy and that they would be subject to disciplinary action. After several hours, the university began issuing interim suspensions.”

Protesters were furious that a journalist participating in the protest was detained, but the charges against him were eventually dropped.

Here’s more about the protest:

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