The Morning Briefing: Biden and Harris Just Want to Be POTUS and VEEP of Dearborn, MI

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Happy Tuesday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Villibreck wanted to time travel just to put an end to “the sponge cake nonsense” before it ever got started.


Back in the numb, dark days of early 2021, we all knew that we weren’t going to enjoy Joe Biden’s tenure in the White House. It was, however, difficult to imagine just how much havoc Biden and the DOCTOR Missus could wreak. Biden was never a standout in his other two Beltway gigs, but he couldn’t issue executive orders then. 

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Throw in Madame VEEP and it’s a real hotbed of Keystone Cops action there at the top. 

My good friend Stephen Green wrote a couple of things yesterday that made me want to strongly spike my morning coffee. Fortunately for me, I only have the good sipping stuff in the house right now, and I wasn’t going to let the Democrats drive me to wasting some of that by adding it to another liquid. 

This first one is about the woman who is a heartbeat away from the presidency: 

Harris warned that Israel would cross a “red line” if the IDF moved into Rafah in the Gaza Strip. “We have been clear in multiple conversations and in every way that any major military operation in Rafah would be a huge mistake… I have studied the maps. There’s nowhere for those folks to go.” 

That’s when things got cringey. The Gaza Strip is a nice little rectangle, about 5 miles wide and 20 miles long. Rafah is at the southern tip, surrounded on four sides by Israel, Israeli-held areas of the Strip, the Mediterranean, and Egypt’s massive border wall. 

You can tell all that at a glance. If Harris had to “study” the map to determine that there’s nowhere to go, I’ll be gentle and just say that maybe she isn’t a very quick study.


I’ve spent most of the last year writing and saying that the Dems were never planning to throw Harris under the bus, only to have everyone else insist that she would be gone by now. Well, kids, not only is Harris still here, but Team Biden has given her a bigger role. They’re letting her talk more about important stuff. 

We see how that’s going. 

Then Mr. Green wrote about Team Biden’s abandonment of Israel at the United Nations

The United Nations Security Council had planned to vote on Monday to demand a Ramadan ceasefire in Gaza — effectively letting Hamas off the hook for its Oct. 7 terror invasion of southern Israel. As is virtually always the case when the UN is about to vote on something stupid to punish Israel, the Biden administration initially indicated it would veto the ceasefire resolution.

But something changed in the last few hours, because instead of vetoing the resolution, our UN ambassador, Linda Thomas-Greenfield, abstained. The resolution passed 14-0. 

As Stephen wrote in his headline, we are now a “terror-sponsoring nation.” 

Shortly after the Hamas attacks last October, we were discussing the fact that some Democrats were struggling to tell the good guys from the bad guys in this war. Biden and his team were still playing along like the staunch allies of Israel that we’re supposed to be. 


A lot has changed since then, including the polling. There hasn’t been any good news for the Biden campaign from even the left-leaning polls for a while. Michigan is slipping away from them, especially the significant Muslim vote in my mother’s hometown, Dearborn.

Robert wrote an excellent deep dive about Biden selling the country’s soul just so that he can win Michigan. Muslim voters in the Midwest have been threatening to upset the Democrats’ electoral apple cart over the support for Israel. 

Now the masks are off of the few D.C. Democrats who were at least paying lip service to a strong alliance with Israel and they’re doing all they can to ensure that Hamas will be around. Maybe they can improve their standing with the anti-Semitic voters along the way. 

Although we’ve been watching this political horror flick for three years, it’s still stunning to see how many new ways that Biden can screw things up, both here and abroad. The planet is a roiling hotbed of instability because the President of the United States is senile and being pushed around by a shadowy commie cabal. 

Even if this were a more normal election year, and there was a fair chance of getting rid of the failing incumbent, this group can still do a lot of damage before November. The real nightmare is in thinking that they might not be given their dismissal papers then.


But, hey, Kamala Harris is reading maps. 

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