Another Reason to Say ‘No’ to Commercial Surrogacy

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I do not know if there is ever an appropriate use of surrogate pregnancy (since I cannot get pregnant), but I do know that making it a business is extremely creepy. Someone out of Chicago just demonstrated another reason why commercial surrogacy should not be legal nationwide (or at the state level because it is legal in California).


If you follow dog shows or have taken your good boy/girl to the vet in the Chicago area, the name Adam King may ring a bell to you. Dr. King has been a judge in some pretty big dog shows and is (meaning was) scheduled to be at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show this May.

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In this case, “was” is the key word because he was recently arrested for possessing child sexual abuse material (CSAM), right before he was set to meet his newborn surrogate son in California with his husband this Friday. And yes, he was supposedly planning to assault the newborn.

CBS provided further details about how King was caught, which only gets worse from here. The FBI started tracking this creature (I refuse to acknowledge him as human from here on out) in October while he was talking to someone in New York on the gay dating app Scruff and the messaging app Telegram.

After the feds arrested the one in New York, they continued communicating with King while impersonating the New Yorker, where he sent them CSAM material and spoke of his preference for “0-9 [years old] my fav…B[oy] and g[irl], though prefer b[oy].”


Yes, he said this within five to six months of meeting a baby boy some poor woman is bearing for him and his husband, even sending the FBI pictures of the ultrasound and baby clothes and saying, “I do love the idea of inviting a buddy over when I have my boy… just has to be someone I can trust obviously.”

As if this couldn’t get even more evil, this thing bragged about supposedly going after his nieces and nephews, drugging them with Benadryl. While that part remains unverified yet, his track record definitely does not do him any favors.

How this monster passed the “intended parent” background check and how he was able to convince the surrogacy agency he would be a responsible parent to this baby boy this woman was carrying for him and his husband remains a mystery.

I will not speculate on that too hard, but if enough “people” like him are capable of buying children born through surrogacy and slip through the cracks in background checks, then commercial surrogacy has no good reason to exist.

Even outside of failure to dig into who is seeking to adopt, commercial surrogacy is basically people-farming, turning children into commodities and women, who in the event commercial surrogacy became legal worldwide would often be impoverished third-worlders, into human brood-mares.


Yet ironically, there is an overlap between people celebrating the expansion of surrogacy for gay couples and screaming in horror at restrictions on abortion calling it the realization of Margaret Atwood’s “The Handmaid’s Tale,” when paying women to bear children for gay men is basically the same dystopia they’re talking about, albeit a secular progressive version instead of a traditionalist one. If you need me, I am going to crawl into a hole.

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