FBI Whistleblower Slams Justification of Massive Spending Bill

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Some House Republicans would like you to believe that the Democrat-appeasing, bloated, irresponsible spending legislation is their only alternative. As an FBI whistleblower pointed out, that’s completely false.


The House just passed a “sweeping” $1.2 trillion spending package for 2024, and the Senate quickly followed suit. As usual, the GOP House majority wasted their power over the purse strings — although 112 Republicans did the right thing and opposed it. The reality is that federal spending is unsustainable. Not only is most of it unconstitutional, which ought to concern us more than it does, but the government simply doesn’t have the money. It is spending and spending, but, just as taxpayers are struggling, the U.S. government is simply going ever deeper into debt we cannot pay. As Steve Friend said, Republicans who support the current legislation are guilty of “[t]ransparent cowardice.”

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Friend blew the whistle on the FBI corruption around its Jan. 6 investigations and its targeting of Donald Trump supporters. Now he hosts a podcast and a Patriot.TV show (“True Blue”). And when Rep. Max Miller (R-OH) posted a video of himself on Twitter/X trying to justify his vote for the spending package, Friend called the Congressman out for his deceptive rhetoric.

Miller claimed, “I voted to pass today’s funding package. It wasn’t perfect, but it was better than the alternative: 6 more months of Biden-Pelosi-Schumer spending.” Except the reality, as Friend noted, is that Congress could have braved a government shutdown — which actually doesn’t shut down the whole government — and insisted on spending legislation that doesn’t stab Americans in the back.


“The ‘alternative’ was stopping the border invasion and defunding the weaponized @FBI. That’s why the GOP was given a House majority,” Friend posted. “But too many GOP congressman [sic] believe federal abuse of Americans is PREFERABLE to a temporary, partial government shutdown. Transparent cowardice.”

From funding for abortion, the weaponized FBI, and LGBTQ groups (including a group that gives dangerous chest binders to kids without parental permission), to a lack of restrictions on the increasingly excessive illegal alien crossings, the package should have garnered no GOP votes. It’s no wonder the majority of House Democrats reportedly voted for the package. As Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) put it, “The swamp is back.”

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As I explained yesterday, American taxpayers are now paying $1 trillion every year just to pay the interest on our national debt. That’s the equivalent of more than 40% of Americans’ personal income taxes all just to service the debt, not including any of the other many, many federal agencies and programs. The new spending package passed by the House exacerbates rather than ameliorates the crisis.

Friend is absolutely right. Cowardice drove the GOP in the House and Senate who voted for this disastrous spending package, and unfortunately, Americans will pay the price.

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