‘Open air drug bazaar’: Mayor Eric Adams meets with alleged drug dealers in Burger King just blocks away from City Hall

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New York City Mayor Eric Adams was discovered hanging out with a group of loiterers and alleged drug dealers who have been using a Burger King as their headquarters, according to an exclusive report by the New York Post. The fast food restaurant is located just blocks away from City Hall.

The report mentioned that witnesses said the mayor was even offered marijuana during his visit. The development comes shortly after the Burger King location was slapped with a $15 million lawsuit for acting as an “open air drug bazaar.”

The lawsuit was apparently brought by an angry neighbor who said that the fast-food operator has helped turn “Fulton Street into an open air drug bazaar.”

The Manhattan Supreme Court lawsuit filed by Kevin Kaufman said that a group of “professional drug dealers” have been able to do whatever they want at the Burger King location, which they have used as a “base of operation, selling illegal drugs either at the entrance … or during inclement weather, selling illegal drugs within the Burger King restaurant itself.”

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Kaufman has lived on the block for 20 years, and he has finally had enough.

However, that did not stop the mayor from allegedly hanging out in the Burger King for over an hour, according to one witness. The report noted that around six police officers were also present at the gathering.

Adams was recorded while inside the Burger King, with his assistant capturing the whole situation on a cell phone. The mayor and the loiterers reportedly walked outside after the meeting, where Adams could be heard telling his assistant to find the group “something within the service that can help them.” However, it is unclear what he meant by this.

Some residents in the area were not impressed with how the incident played out.

“It’s ridiculous. We’re complaining about the craziness out there, and [Adams] went and hung out with them for an hour. Crazy,” one resident said.

The Post reported that a City Hall spokesperson said overall crime in the First Precinct, which includes the Burger King, was down 8.2 percent from a year ago. However, they went on to say that “[t]he behavior described in the complaints at the Burger King on Fulton Street will not be tolerated.”

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