California man arrested after using hidden camera to record over 90 victims in Starbucks restroom

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A man characterized as a “violent predator” in California allegedly recorded 91 people without their knowledge by hiding cameras in a Starbucks restroom. Some of the victims were as young as four years old, according to the New York Post.

The report noted that Louie Juarez Jr. is suspected of installing small cameras beneath the bathroom sink at the coffee shop in San Jose. The cameras were reportedly directed to face the toilet.

The man’s camera was able to capture “extremely graphic” material between 9:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. Victims ranged in age from four years old to 85 years old. An employee at the establishment eventually discovered the camera’s location, per the report.

Juarez Jr., 35, was arrested and taken into custody on March 15 after investigators suspected him of being the one who set up the camera. Equally disturbing is that the San Jose authorities found 20 firearms inside the man’s home, including a gun that was not registered, high-capacity magazines, and an assault rifle, according to the San Jose Police Department.

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Dr. Thomas Plante, a psychology professor, said that privacy is often compromised by technology nowadays. But the question remains about what anyone can do about it.

“They feel exposed and it gets worse when they start to think what’s going to happen with this tape. Or is this going to go online? Who is going to see this?” Plante said, according to KGO.

Plante mentioned that the weapons Juarez Jr. was harboring could be indicative of other psychiatric problems, adding that it was a good thing he was caught.

“At some point, we do have to take a deep breath do the best we can, and try to avoid the paranoia that might emerge after we have these types of stories and after we have these types of experiences,” Plante added.

Following the incident, Starbucks released a statement in response to the arrest.

This is a deeply disturbing incident, and we are grateful for the quick and thorough response from the San Jose Police Department in apprehending the suspect. We cannot overstate the importance of providing a safe environment for our customers and partners (employees). We will continue to cooperate fully with law enforcement on this matter.

Juarez has been charged with possession of child pornography, installment of a hidden surveillance camera with audio, possession of high-capacity magazines, possession of an assault rifle, and possession of an unregistered firearm.

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