Spending Bill Funds Group Giving Youth Chest Binders, LGBTQ Gear

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The Democrats always love to fund the woke destruction of America with taxpayer money while Republicans look the other way. For example, buried in the massive spending bill is a sizable sum for a group that provides LGBTQ gear to young people without parental permission — including dangerous chest binders, gaffs, and packers.


The new and lengthy Appropriations Act for the Departments of Labor, Education, and Health and Human Services (among others) on the House website provides, among other unconstitutional grants, $400,000 to “Briarpatch Youth Services, WI, for counseling services for at-risk youth.” The origination for this expenditure of taxpayer dollars is the Senate, specifically Sen. Tammy Baldwin (D-Wisc.). Briarpatch Youth Services is fully onboard with damaging LGBTQ ideology for young Americans, even for those teens who don’t have parental consent.

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The Briarpatch website explains, “The Teens Like Us Program (TLU) provides support and education for queer youth ages 13-18. Founded over 20 years ago, TLU provides a safe, brave place for queer and questioning youth to meet with their peers. We serve youth across the state of Wisconsin!” The group then specifically states, “Youth do NOT need parent/guardian permission to join Teens Like Us. We understand not all youth are at a point in their lives where they can safely and confidently ‘come out.’” Notice the emphasis. 

Briarpatch openly and proudly admits that it helps minors become transgender or otherwise LGBTQ-identifying without parental permission. Why would taxpayer dollars go to this pernicious organization?


Briarpatch’s website also lists items it wants potential donors to provide.

How to Support TLU:

General Youth Needs Year-Round:

Binders (new or gently used)

Gaffs (new only)

Packers (new only)

Chest Forms (new or gently used)

Trans Tape Kits

Pride Flags of ALL kinds

Sticker Packs

Pronoun pins

Letters of support

If you are a member of the community who does a lot of work with the LGBTQIA2s+ youth community, and you think you would like to be a guest speaker in one of the support group meetings, email us at [email protected]

Pride Prom-Specific Needs:

Pride Decorations

N95/KN95 or Medical Masks (ear loop kind preferred)

Water Bottles

Name Tags

It is unclear if these services continue in the present, as the website emphasizes Covid-19 restrictions for TLU events, but the fact remains this information is all still easily accessible on the Briarpatch website. The organization should not be receiving any federal funding.

Women and girls pretending to be men use chest binders to try to flatten their breasts. Even the leftist New York Times admitted that “binders report symptoms like back and chest pain, overheating and shortness of breath.” PJ Media’s Ben Bartee previously highlighted chest binding side effects including fractured, compressed, inflamed, or broken ribs; damaged blood vessels; blood clots; and even heart attacks.


The “packers” TLU also requests for women trying to create the appearance of being a male with fake genital bulges. Meanwhile, “gaffs” are compression underwear for men pretending to be women to minimize the visibility of their genitals. Legacy Health is pro-gaff but admits the gaffs can cause a number of serious side effects, including infertility, testicular pain or torsion, skin issues, and urinary tract infections.

The funding for Briarpatch needs to come out of the Appropriations Act. No taxpayer money should be helping youth damage their bodies without parental consent.

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