Sean Strickland and Elon Musk call out woke gaming company Sweet Baby Inc as ‘leftist cesspool’ and ‘evil blight’

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Former UFC Champion Sean Strickland and X owner Elon Musk have entered into the arena of the biggest controversy in the video game industry in years.

With diversity, equity, and inclusion narratives forcefully injected into gaming in recent years, gamers have finally started to pinpoint the culprits. One such company, Sweet Baby Inc., was recently accused of going after gamers when one of the company’s employees allegedly encouraged followers to mass report a community that was forming in opposition to DEI in gaming.

The gaming community’s apparent crime was simply pointing out which games Sweet Baby Inc. had worked on as a way of warning fellow gamers that such titles were likely ripe with diversity-driven narratives. Employee Chris Kindred allegedly said that this constituted “harassment.”

Musk recently commented on the phenomenon of woke gaming in response to an episode of “The Matt Walsh Show.” Walsh’s podcast not only mentioned Sweet Baby Inc. but also a developer who works under the umbrella of publishing giant Electronic Arts. It was noted that a developer named Danielle Lalonders had said that it is sometimes “hard to work with white people” because they often don’t realize they are committing a “microaggression.”

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“Video games need to get rid of the woke bs,” Musk wrote. “Getting lectured with tedious propaganda is not why people play games!”

Days later, Musk commented on the aforementioned Sweet Baby Inc. employee, Kindred, who was again accused of going after a different gamer for “harassment.”

“Sweet Baby Inc is an evil blight on the gaming industry. All they do is make games terrible and try to cancel people. They cannot go broke soon enough!” Musk added.

Strickland, the outspoken former middleweight champion, took the opportunity to quote Musk’s comments and use them as a way to show that Sweet Baby Inc. is a microcosm of his issues with the gaming industry.

“‘Sean why aren’t you in the UFC game,'” Strickland wrote to emulate an exchange he has had. “Years later being a top contender ‘Wow your stats are so low,'” he continued.

“Well you guys, the video game industry is [a] leftist cesspool. I am the definition of what these people hate… BUT! I take it as a compliment:) thanks,” he added.

Neither Sweet Baby Inc. nor employee Kindred have replied to requests for comments, however Sweet Baby Inc.’s founder, Kim Belair, has made public statements about the issue.

“People can’t imagine that we might do anything else but DEI,” she told website Kotaku. “They can’t imagine that we’re just talented writers, that we’re talented narrative designers and that people are hiring us because we tell good stories, because we collaborate well, and because we write video games. They have to diminish our accomplishments to our identities.”

However, a Brazilian gamer called Kabrutus — who was allegedly targeted by Sweet Baby Inc.’s employee — told Blaze News that gamers are intentionally silenced.

“I think that they just want to silence anyone who doesn’t like what they do. They even tried to get me banned on Steam and lose my 13-year-old account.”

The gamer also referred to a statement posted on the group’s page, which noted that it was not, by any means, “a group that is trying to ‘kill’ [Sweet Baby Inc.] or even convince people to not buy any game that they’ve worked on.”

Sweet Baby Inc. and its employee did not immediately respond to further request for comment regarding Strickland and Musk’s statements.

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