CBS Evening News Was Sole Newscast To Report Border Overrun At El Paso

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We have often chronicled the national corporate media’s aversion to coverage of any story that would reflect poorly on the Biden administration; hence our occasional moniker “Regime Media”. One such story is today’s incident at the southern border in El Paso, Texas. National Guardsmen were overrun as hundreds of illegal migrants ripped the razor wire fence open and rushed through.

CBS Evening News stood alone in reporting this event to their audience. Watch the full report in its entirety as aired on Thursday, March 21st, 2024:

JERICKA DUNCAN: Well, a chaotic scene today at the border in El Paso. Video shared by The New York Post shows a group of migrants pushing past Texas National Guard troops and rushing through a razor wire fence. In an exclusive interview with CBS News, Border Patrol Chief Jason Owens says the U.S. needs tougher policies to deter illegal crossings. 

JASON OWENS: Naturally, they’re going to choose to come between the ports of entry. We need to take that off the table and make sure everybody is coming through the front door, through the port of entry. 

DUNCAN: Texas Governor Greg Abbott says authorities quickly regained control and reinforced the barrier.

Kudos to CBS for showing up, I guess, as opposed to ABC and NBC. Credit is also due for reaching out to Border Patrol Chief Jason Owens. However, a lot more happened than some migrants pushing through a razor wire fence. Per our friends at The New York Post, who initially broke the story:

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A group of over 100 migrants attempted to enter the US illegally by rushing a border wall Thursday, breaking through razor wire and knocking over guards in the process.

The Post had earlier witnessed around 600 migrants amassed at the international border, as part of a ‘spring surge’ of migrants arriving and hoping to gain access to the US.

The Texas National Guard were attempting to organize them into smaller groups, but the situation grew tense after some women and children were separated from adult males by the guardsmen.

Video taken by The Post showed one set of migrants, mostly single men, then rushing the Texas troops.

A group of men with hoodies, gloves and winter jackets could be seen pulling fencing away and dashing through the concertina wire, as a group of five guards formed a defensive position to fill the gap.

It is disgraceful that most of the media would look the other way as the southern border continues to be overrun. And by showing up and doing a 37-second brief, CBS merely distinguishes themselves as the best of a bad lot. Do better next time.

For those keeping score on the El Paso border overrun story:

CBS: 37 seconds

ABC: 0 seconds

NBC: 0 seconds

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