Police officer jumps on to subway tracks to rescue man

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Two New York City police officers sprang into action to help save a man who had fallen on to subway tracks – marking their second heroic rescue in recent months.

The NYPD officers were inspecting Carroll Street station last week when they witnessed a man fall on to the tracks.

In bodycam footage released by the force, officers Garcia and Mohan can be seen running to the man’s aid.

“I fell, I must have slipped off,” the man can be heard saying in the short clip.

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In the video, one of the officers jumps down on to the tracks to give the man a boost while his partner pulls him back on to the platform.

The second officer then offers a hand to pull his colleague back to safety before the man is transported into the care of medics.

New York City subway rescue. Pic: NYPD
The man fell onto the tracks. Pic: NYPD

New York City subway rescue. Pic: NYPD
The officers ran to the man’s aid. Pic: NYPD

New York City subway rescue. Pic: NYPD
One of the officers offering a helping hand to his colleague. Pic: NYPD

New York City subway rescue. Pic: NYPD
The man was transported into the care of medics. Pic: NYPD

Posting the rescue on X, NYPD News said the officers “once again” saved the day.

The post highlighted a previous rescue at Brooklyn pier in October, where the officers responded to a report of someone possibly in the water.

Along with NYPD’s harbour unit, the officers – from the 76th Precinct – rescued a woman who had become trapped in the water and was clinging on to a pier.

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In tribute to the latest rescue, the pair’s commanding officer, Captain Taso Karathanasis, posted a picture of them.

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