The Morning Briefing: Never Mind a Second Term, Can We Make It to the End of Biden’s First?

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Happy Wednesday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Rezzbonto kept just enough marmalade in the jar to be able to entertain any friars who happened by. 


Although things have been shifting in China’s direction for years, the United States of America is still the superpower on the geopolitical block. In a better world, we would delay the ChiCom ascendancy for as long as possible, but that’s difficult to do with a weak, addled president whose brain is being run by a bunch of “America last” progressives. 

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This is a most dangerous and inopportune time for the United States to have a weak chief executive. The worst people in the world tend to act up a lot when there is a lack of spine in the White House. 

The Democrats leveraged the chaos of the COVID pandemic to help propel Joe Biden into office. Unfortunately for us and many others around the globe, chaos is at the root of the governing philosophy for everything this administration does. Many have speculated that the chaos is intentional, especially when it comes to the border. There’s a theory that’s been floating around which says that Team Biden deliberately created a crisis at the southern border so that they could fix it and have a PR win. It obviously got away from them. 

Personally, I’m reluctant to give Biden and his people that much credit. I think they’re rabidly leftist ideologues who are in over their heads at a critical time in history. 

We frequently discuss the border crisis here. That alone would be enough to consider this a dark time. Catherine’s latest has the details about the fact that “migrants” are on the move everywhere: 


The U.S. is currently being flooded with an unending horde of unvetted illegal aliens, including an unknown number of criminals. Unfortunately, that migrant crisis is not unique to this country or this hemisphere.

Center for Immigration Studies Fellow Todd Bensman is exposing the global migrant crisis, including the number of Muslim men flooding into Western countries. Sadly, woke governments, the European Union (EU), and the United Nations (UN) are encouraging this invasion.

Open borders elsewhere mean it’s easier for the unsavory types to get to our open border, of course. It’s a complex world, and many of the Biden messes are connected. As we discussed in yesterday’s Briefing, the FBI isn’t focusing on who may be waltzing in from Mexico, because it’s still pretending that there is a right-wing domestic terror problem looming here in the United States. The Biden Justice Department is so unhinged that they’re insisting that the only people who haven’t made a habit of marching, looting, and burning things are America’s most pressing problem. 

The potential real flood of terrorists at the southern border? Fuhgeddaboudit. 

Having a weak American leader who goes on and on about “Islamophobia” even after non-Islamists were slaughtered by Jihadis has to be emboldening Hamas and the other terrorist groups around the world. One of our greatest allies is fighting for its existence and Joe Biden has responded by being Gaza’s pimp daddy, writing checks that will eventually end up in a Hamas bank account. 


The latest “You’ve got to be kidding me” moment involves Biden’s blasé response to American commercial ships being attacked in the Red Sea, which Rick wrote about yesterday:

“This is not just a U.S. problem. This is an international problem,” Adm. Christopher Grady, vice chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said at an event in Washington on Monday. “There’s undoubtedly an Iranian hand in this. So this looks a little bit like horizontal escalation.”

Grady called the attack on commercial shipping in the Red Sea “a big deal” and added, “This is very much an expansion of perhaps the larger conflict between Israel and Hamas.” That’s a different take than previous Pentagon comments that earlier Iran-backed attacks are entirely separate from the Hamas-Israel war.

“We have every reason to believe these attacks, while they were launched by the Houthis in Yemen, are fully enabled by Iran,” Sullivan told reporters Monday, reiterating a statement by Centcom.

That certainly seems like the kind of situation that could use some boldness and resolve by the Commander in Chief, doesn’t it?

Not this Commander in Chief. 

Like Biden’s mental decline, problems here at home and around the world are escalating ever more rapidly. The only thing moving slowly is the time until we can get to a possible regime change. Optimists hope that the Republic can just hang on until then. 


A lot of Biden-induced awfulness can happen before Inauguration Day 2025. As Mr. Green wrote last week, the Dems are no doubt working on some new and horrible way to game the election. The border is exploding — we’ve been experiencing a record influx of illegals here in the Tucson Sector the past couple of weeks. The economy is, well, all Bidenomicsed up. 

The list goes on and on.

At this point, all I want for Christmas is to still have a country next Christmas. 

I hope that’s not too much to ask. 

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