Owner of House That Exploded Near D.C. Ranted Against FBI, DOJ, Feared Being Suicided

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On Monday evening, we reported on an explosion in the 800 block of Burlington Street in Arlington, Virginia. Arlington County Police Department said they were at the house to serve an arrest warrant when the suspect inside fired “flares” prior to the blast. The massive explosion was caught on video. 


We’re now learning more about the owner of the house, who believed his neighbors, his ex-wife, his sister, the FBI, and the Department of Justice were out to get him. 

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Now, I want to caution you that law enforcement authorities haven’t verified this information, and none of this is proof that Yoo committed any crimes or was responsible for the blast that leveled his home. 

Arlington County property records show that James W. Yoo, who was described by a neighbor as being a recluse who had aluminum foil covering the windows, has owned the Burlington Street home since 1992 and is behind on his property taxes—to the tune of $3,700. I’m blurring out the home’s address, even though it’s widely available on social media, because there is much we don’t know about the explosion.

The neighbor said the house was once for sale, but Yoo “chased would-be buyers off with a knife.” (Zillow shows that the house was listed in 2022 but did not sell.)

Yoo’s LinkedIn profile shows the George Mason University graduate’s animosity toward the police and several federal agencies. 


That same day, he predicted a “surprise attack” on him on Dec. 7, the anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor. 

Another post showing reams of legal filings appears to indicate an individual with a long history of mental health issues. In the rambling filings, he complained about being held against his will in a mental health ward at Rochester General Hospital a decade ago and being denied a gun permit due to his mental health history. He claims he was subject to at least one “well check” at his home and says his ex-wife and sister were involved in getting him locked up. He sued the hospital for denial of his civil rights. 

988 is the number for the national suicide hotline. “THIS IS A SLAM DUNK CASE FOR THE FBI … BUT THE FBI DOESN’T CARE ABOUT JAMES’ CASE … WHY? hashtag#FBIASIANHATE hashtag#FBICORRUPTION,” he wrote on the platform. 

In 2018, the U.S. District Judge assigned to his case wrote: “Before today this Court has rarely if ever had the occasion to sua sponte dismiss the action of a pro se litigant who has paid the filing fee. However, this action is so plainly frivolous, and it’s [sic] allegations are so clearly ‘the product of delusion or fantasy,’ that it cannot be permitted to proceed. For the same reasons, it would be pointless to allow any further amendment of the pleading.”

He ruled, “This action is indisputably frivolous and therefore dismissed with prejudice. The Clerk of the Court is directed to terminate this action. The pending applications are denied as moot.”


Yoo also made posts suggesting that he could be suicided. 

His YouTube page shows images of the various complaints and court filings he has made over the years with no audio or explanation. He complained on LinkedIn that YouTube was rigging his metrics. 

He is apparently is no fan of Donald Trump: 

And he has no love for Gavin Newsom (Mr. GREASER), either. 

In 2022 he ranted about Covid. 

COVID is their way of ‘tracking’ people’s hygene and attempting to influence communicating those they are attempting to smear at lying. They forced y’all to ‘work from home’ during COVID, they penetrated everybody’s network under the guise of ‘working from home’, took network DNA samples, and used AI to trace all of your activities.COVID is another example of their bullshat. They will falsify and make stories about your network traces behind your backs.

Clearly this is a disturbed individual whose rambling social media posts indicate that he may have been spiraling out of control in recent months. He had vendettas against many individuals and a wide variety of federal government agencies—and contacted them over and over and over again, which means he was likely known to both the FBI and the Department of Justice and perhaps on some sort of watch list. 

Officials have not announced whether Yoo was in the home at the time of the explosion or whether he is the suspect they were looking for when they arrived to serve an arrest warrant. Despite being the homeowner, it’s possible (though improbably considering his unhinged social media posts) that he had nothing to do with the events that occurred last night. 


This is a developing story. PJ Media will update it when additional information becomes available. 

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