Journalists Hate On Trump But Act As PR Flacks for Hamas

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The hatred of former President Donald Trump knows no bounds with leftist journalists warning a 2024 Trump victory would mean the end of America and democracy. MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough even insanely asserted that Trump would “execute” his political enemies. 

But when it came to the evil terrorists who actually engaged in real and barbaric executions, some in the leftist media sounded like public relations flacks for Hamas. Cable and network correspondents advanced Hamas talking points without skepticism and even pointed the finger of blame at Israel and the United States.

The craziness this past month continued with MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski praising President Joe Biden’s “mature mind” and former CNNer Brian Stelter baffled by some polls showing Trump beating Biden, despite Biden’s “greater mental acuity.”

Celebrities also kept taking their typical pot-shots at Trump. Filmmaker/ actor Rob Reiner angrily spewed on X (formerly Twitter): “If you vote for anyone but Joe Biden, you are voting to destroy American Democracy.” 

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And in the “Where Have We Heard This Before File?” Barbra Streisand and Cher both promised to leave the country if Trump came back to the White House.

The following are the most obnoxious outbursts by leftist journalists and celebrities from the past month: 

If Elected, Trump Will “Execute” As Many People As He Can Get Away With!

“When people go, ‘Oh, you can’t compare him to past Nazi leaders, you can’t compare him to this past Nazi leader or that past fascist leader, because he hasn’t done.’ — well, what hasn’t he done? He hasn’t done the things that the American judicial system did not allow him to do last time, but may very well allow him to do this time….The only thing that stood between him and the destruction of American democracy was the federal judiciary. He will do, he will get away with, he will imprison, he will execute whoever he is allowed to imprison, execute, drive from the country.”
— Co-host Joe Scarborough on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, November 21.

A Donald Trump Win in 2024 = End of America

“If Donald Trump becomes the 2024 nominee, which seems quite likely at this point, it won’t just be policy differences on the line. It will be the entire American experiment on the ballot…He used to go after the outsiders, still does, and now he says the greatest threat is coming from within….Trump warning about the threat from within, in actuality, he is the leader of the actual threat, the real threat coming from within….He is the one stoking fear. He is the one stoking violence around this country.” 
— Substitute host Alicia Menendez on MSNBC’s Deadline:White House, November 21. 

“If Trump-aligned Republicans win control of the presidency and both houses of Congress next year, you could say they would end American democracy as we know it. But it’s simpler and probably more effective to just say they would end America as we know it — and therefore must be stopped.”
— Former Washington Post reporter Perry Bacon in a November 28 column.

Imperative to Stop Trump

“I think it’s imperative, and a lot of Democrats do as well, that President Biden get people like Joe Manchin, like his buddy, Mitt Romney, who he’s talking to a lot these days, by the way, Manchin is, get them to the White House and say, you don’t want Trump to be president again any more than I do. The only way to stop him is for me to win re-election. Maybe you don’t like everything that I’ve done as president, but the goal has got to be to keep Trump out of the Oval Office. Stop the BS, guys, let’s stop Trump.”
— Politico’s Jonathan Martin on ABC’s This Week, November 12.

Did Hamas Write This? 

“Night after night, the bombs rain down with the Israel Defense Forces saying they have now surrounded Gaza City. But around the world, people are recoiling in horror at the staggering civilian death toll with calls for a ceasefire growing louder. And as Secretary of State Antony Blinken does his diplomatic rounds his visit on Sunday with Palestinian Authority President Abbas was met with hostility. There is growing anger against the United States here in Ramallah, in the West Bank, with crowds chanting ‘Blinken, you’ve got blood on your hands.’ The United Nations says 1.5 million Palestinians have been internally displaced, escaping any way they can. Israel has ordered civilians in the north to evacuate, but the journey south can be just as perilous.” 
— Correspondent Debora Patta on CBS Mornings, November 6. 

“The Israeli military is aware that they are facing a major test of credibility at this point, because Israel has been telling the world for weeks, and the U.S. has been confirming, that Hamas is operating out of this medical facility. But when Israel showed the world its evidence yesterday, it was pretty sparse. It was a number of assault rifles, some ammunition, some grenades, literature from Hamas. But a lot of people are asking whether that is enough to justify a military operation inside of a hospital the size of Al-Shifa?…Human rights groups all around the world are looking very, very closely at what is happening at Al-Shifa. And they are asking tough questions about whether the military gains Israel says it’s making by taking over the facility outweigh just the enormous humanitarian cost.”
— Correspondent Raf Sanchez on MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Reports, November 16.

Praising Joe Biden’s “Mature Mind” 

“This is the big stage, the world stage, and with everything at stake on two separate fronts. Two wars, Ukraine and Israel, literally putting everything on the line for the rest of the world, for global security. Would I want a man who’s got, straight-A student in his 40s or 50s out there? Or do I, would I want someone with 40, 50 years of experience on the world stage? That includes decades of wins and losses, politically and geopolitically. And I can’t think of somebody else out I’d want. You name ‘em. Somebody name a better — at this point — more mature mind that can attack these problems and address them with all the different levels of emotion that need to come to the moment. And, and he does it!”
— Co-host Mika Brzezinski on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, November 28.

CNNer: Biden Better on Border Than Trump

“Biden’s actually not doing a bad job, they have deported more people — if you think that’s right and I do because you want a system of laws, right? They have deported more people under the Biden administration than Trump did. They’ve been harder line.”
— CNN host Fareed Zakaria on HBO’s Real Time, November 3.

Chastising San Francisco Mayor Breed For “Reagan-Era Policies

“[Mayor London] Breed was elected mayor in 2018, and her ideas have not been without controversy. The city was sued over clearing homeless encampments last year, and her proposal to mandate drug screenings for welfare recipients has drawn comparisons to Reagan-era policies. [To Breed] You know your critics will also say: ‘Look. She’s gone too far right and she’s criminalizing homelessness and wanting drug tests for welfare recipients.’ Do you think you’re coming down too hard on this?”
—  ABC’s Martha Raddatz in an interview aired on ABC’s This Week, November 19.

How Could Trump Be Leading Joe “Greater Mental Acuity” Biden in the Polls? 

“I sometimes feel like the country is facing memory loss….or at least some folks, some subset of the country has forgotten what the years 2017 through 2020 were actually like. That maybe it was too traumatic to be willing to remember. We’ve buried some of those experiences, ‘cause when we look at these polls that show Trump ahead of Biden with more leadership skills, with greater mental acuity. You wonder, have we all forgotten about 2017 and 2018? Some people have because it’s convenient for the Fox stars to pretend those scandals never happened.”
— Former CNN host Brian Stelter on MSNBC’s Alex Wagner Tonight, November 9.

Biden’s Not On Trial Here, “We Are”

“I don’t think President Biden is being, is on trial here. I think we are….This is a test of citizenship….President Biden woke up this morning worried about a wider war in the Middle East, in a, you know, in the most unstable region in the world, involving the global economy, possible nuclear war, the most ancient religious rivalries in the world. While there’s an elemental struggle reminiscent of what led to the bloodiest century in history unfolding in Ukraine because of the appetites of a dictator. He’s got a lot to think about….Citizenship requires a certain amount of empathy for that. And maybe, maybe that doesn’t get the job done. Maybe we’re just in such a foul humor that, let’s see what the authoritarians can do. But we saw what the authoritarian almost did.”
— Presidential historian/MSNBC contributor Jon Meacham on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, November 6. 

A Vote for a Republican President = Destruction of “American Democracy” 

“If you vote for anyone but Joe Biden, you are voting to destroy American Democracy.”
— November 17 tweet by director/actor Rob Reiner.

House Speaker Mike Johnson “Sounds Like” Osama Bin Laden

“So, here’s something really scary. Mike Johnson, he’s the Republican Party new head chief over there in the House. This came out, he was talking to a prayer group. He said ‘depraved America deserves God’s wrath’ — came out there, exactly sounds like Bin Laden. Now, the Republican guy sounds like bin Laden and Trump sounds like Hitler.”
— Host Bill Maher on HBO’s Real Time, November 17. 

Liberal Logic On Display: I Don’t Pay Taxes to Hamas, So I Don’t Have to Condemn Them 

“People have asked me, ‘Why are you protesting against killing people in Gaza, but you didn’t protest the massacre of Israelis in — on October the 7th?’ And the reason is, I’m an American and I’m paying taxes to the American government. I don’t pay taxes to Hamas, and they don’t care what I think, but the American government is supposed to care if we’re theoretically a democracy.”
The Princess Bride actor Wallace Shawn on MSNBC’s The ReidOut, November 7.

Maybe They Can Both Move Into the Same Flat in London 

Host Stephen Colbert: “How do you feel about the specter of a second Trump administration?” 
Barbra Streisand: “I will move. I can’t live in this country if that’s — if he became president.”
Colbert: “Where would you go?” 
Streisand: “Probably to England.” 
— CBS’s The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, November 14. 

“I almost got an ulcer the last time. If he gets in, who knows? This time I will leave [the country].”
— Singer/actress Cher in an October 18 interview with The Guardian.

Former SNL Star Thought the Electoral College Was a School Politicians Go To

Former Saturday Night Live cast member Leslie Jones: “When I got to SNL, there were so many things I listened about that I didn’t even know. Like seriously, the Electorial [sic] College, I didn’t know about that….I did think it was a college-college….I thought, you know, people got to go there before they become a politician.”…
Co-host Ana Navarro: “Listen, the people voting for Trump should go to college!”
Jones: “Exactly! Exactly!”
— ABC’s The View, November 6. 

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