Asked if he will call for a ceasefire, Sen. Marco Rubio informs activist that he wants the ‘vicious animals’ of Hamas destroyed

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When asked by an activist whether he will press for a ceasefire in Gaza, Sen. Marco Rubio indicated that he wants Israel to “destroy every element of Hamas they can get their hands on,” describing the terrorists as “vicious animals who did horrifying crimes.”

When asked about civilians being killed, Rubio said that he blames Hamas, which “should stop hiding behind civilians, putting civilians in the way.”

CODEPINK co-fouder Medea Benjamin, who appears to have been the activist asking Rubio questions in the video, shared footage of the exchange, tweeting, “We encountered Senator Rubio today. He wants Israel to keep bombing Gaza until ‘they destroy every element of Hamas.’ He doesn’t get it: Bombing creates MORE resistance. There will never be peace in Israel until there is justice for Palestinians.”

GOP Rep. Chip Roy of Texas praised Rubio for making the comments: “Serious kudos to @marcorubio for unabashedly speaking the truth here. #BlameHamas.”

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Rubio espoused the same view last month shortly after Hamas terrorists perpetrated unspeakable atrocities in Israel.

“Hamas exists for one reason alone, to wipe out the Jewish state of Israel. So Israel has only one option in response to yesterday’s barbaric attack, the permanent elimination of Hamas. Anyone demanding Israel not ‘escalate’ or calling for a ‘cease-fire’ is either out of touch with this unfortunate reality or sympathizes with Hamas,” Rubio tweeted in October.

“There can be no cease-fire, negotiated solution or peaceful coexistence with depraved barbarians who murder teen-aged girls,children & the elderly and then dump them in the streets of Gaza so bloodthirsty crowds can desecrate their bodies? Hamas must be eradicated & Israel must respond DISPROPORTIONATELY to this & to any futures attacks from any enemy,” he wrote last month.

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