The Morning Briefing: Jack Smith Is Our ‘Fascist Thug of the Year’

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Happy Thursday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Chandrykyll’s fondness for using the proper cheese knife had made her a quirky legend at the Sunday hamster groomings. 


Back in the Wild West internet broadcasting days of PJTV, we used to fill our first couple of weeks of December recording a lot of end of the year “best of/worst of” type specials. It was a lot of fun, and I was just reminiscing about it the other day. Maybe I should bring back a version of that here in writing form this year. It’s the last day of November, so why not start now? 

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Gosh, has it only been a day since we last discussed the un-American insanity of the Democrats’ attempts to railroad former President Donald Trump? 

The sad thing about the Left’s assault on decency, the law, and the Constitution is that there is always some new low to write about. It’s a testament to the genius and strength of the Constitution that it has been able to withstand all that the Dems have been subjecting it to while going after Trump. There was a time when I thought it was unassailable, but it’s teetering these days. 

I obviously underestimated the modern Democrats’ loathing of all things American and free. 

Their efforts to remake the United States in the image of the worst dictatorial fascist regimes in history are proceeding apace, and the latest news on that front is beyond creepy. 

This is from Victoria:

Nothing says “police state” like a sweeping, general warrant. After the FBI Washington hit squad went after Trump’s Mar-a-Lago with a general warrant, we’re just learning that the feds were back for more with an even more egregious overstep of constitutional authority. Special Counsel Jack Smith issued a warrant to Twitter/X that is so sweeping it takes one’s breath away. And, naturally, he got away with it. 

Smith, who answers to Attorney General Merrick Garland and President Joe Biden, has issued a warrant to Elon Musk’s Twitter/X to hand over any and all information about anything Donald Trump ever tweeted, muted, or liked, but that’s not all. The special counsel is going after you the public for retweeting, favoriting, or responding to anything Donald Trump said on Twitter/X. 



As Trump famously said, they really want to come after us, he’s merely in the way. Well, they’re closer now. 

The casual ease with which Biden and his goon squad Justice Department pervert the law is what really gives this a Soviet vibe. When I was younger, I remember being disgusted by the fact that Democrats were Soviet apologists. It appears that they viewed the Russian side of the Cold War as an ongoing how-to manual. 

Merrick Garland will never stop abusing his power to punish Republicans for keeping him off of the Supreme Court. The people running Joe Biden’s brain knew what they were doing when they nominated him to be the chief law enforcement officer of the United States. Of course, his minions like Jack Smith aren’t enforcing the law now, they’re just making it up to ruin the lives of anyone who disagrees with them politically. 

Smith is the worst of the people involved in the Trump character assassination, and that’s saying a lot. Some of the most execrable people in America have been let loose on the man who continues to live rent free in every liberal’s head. They’re all attention-seeking smarm merchants, and obviously not concerned with integrity or the law. 

Smith, his boss, and the rest of the players in this sick, seditious drama are the ones who should be behind bars. Trump is practically a choirboy when compared to them. 

And now I wish I’d said more bad things about the Democrats whenever I retweeted him back in the day. 

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