The Morning Briefing: Relentless Efforts to Derail the Trump Train Are Failing Bigly

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Happy Wednesday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Andswald felt that repeated humming of Engelbert Humperdinck’s “Release Me” greatly enhanced his IKEA assembly skills. 


Donald Trump is politically battle-tested in ways that no other presidential candidate has ever been. In 2016, before he could ever get to the part where he deposed Hillary Clinton, he faced a concerted effort by the Republican establishment to deny him the nomination that he had rightfully earned via the primaries. That was still happening at the convention. 

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This time around, he’s dealing with battles on multiple fronts. I’m losing count of how many things the Democrats have tried to frame him on, the most ridiculous being that he fomented insurrection. 

Some Uniparty fans in the GOP Establishment would prefer that Trump go away so they don’t have to worry about having their delicate Beltway sensibilities offended. They would rather “Harumph!” into their ascots at the Capitol Hill Club while Washington/Rome burns, that’s why Charles Koch’s Super PAC just endorsed Hillary Clinton cheerleader Nikki Haley

The corrupt attacks on Trump by the #EnemyOfThePeople media have been well documented in my writing of the last seven years. 

Despite the unceasing efforts to wear him down and destroy him, Trump keeps showing up to work. His haters aren’t getting any of the results they want. In fact, Trump’s poll numbers are on steroids now. 

This is from Spencer over at Townhall

Former President Donald Trump has been leading the ever-shrinking field of 2024 Republican presidential hopefuls, and a new national primary election poll from Morning Consult has the 45th president leading the pack by a whopping 50 points as 2023 enters its final weeks and the first early state primary contests approach. 

Conducted November 24 to 26, the survey showed Trump earning support from 64 percent of Republican primary voters, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis with 14 percent, former Ambassador Nikki Haley with 10 percent, entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy with 6 percent, and former Governor Chris Christie with 3 percent.

Trump’s already significant lead could grow, according to Morning Consult, because 29 percent — a “plurality of non-Trump supporters” — listed the former president as their second choice for 2024. “Such voters make up roughly 10% of the GOP’s expected electorate, suggesting that the former president’s support could continue to grow if lower-polling contenders drop their bids.”


Yes, polls are to be taken with a grain of salt. However, it’s not just one poll that’s looking really good for Trump, he’s getting all kinds of good news heading into Christmas. Spencer goes on to detail how well Trump is doing vs President LOLEightyonemillion in the RealClearPolitics rolling average poll. He quotes the headline of a recent post by RCP’s Sean Trende: “Not Only Can Trump Win, Right Now He’s the Favorite To Win.”

My aim here isn’t to get comfortable and start thinking that this is all a done deal — far from it. In fact, I’m going to write a column about avoiding irrational exuberance in the next day or two. I also don’t trust polls any more than I trust politicians. I just think it’s remarkable that Trump is ascendant in the face of such overwhelming negativity. 

This is also indicative of how God-awful the Biden presidency has been. The worse he gets, the less that voters seem to be concerned about all of the “negatives” that Trump is supposed to bring to the general election. 

At this point, it’s not the Democrats who I worry about if Trump runs the table in the primaries and gets the nomination, it’s Trump himself. His penchant for unforced errors is frustrating. Those have been kept to a minimum while he’s been sticking to rallies and avoiding the debate spotlight. 

A lot can happen in the next few months. For the moment, however, none of it is happening the way that the Democrats and their allies in the squishy center of the GOP had hoped it would. 

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