Chicago mayor blames ‘right-wing extremism’ for migrant crisis: ‘It’s mean-spirited. It’s an unclean spirit’

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Liberal Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson blamed “right-wing extremism” for the migrant crisis plaguing the city on Tuesday.

Johnson was announcing new support for migrants when he went on a tirade blaming the right for the crisis after being asked if he would support a limit on the number of migrants being sent to Chicago from other states and cities.

“It has to be better coordination. What we have seen is a raggedy form instituted by right-wing extremism,” said Johnson.

“Everyone knows that the right-wing extremism in this country has targetted Democratically-ran cities and quite frankly, they’ve been very intentional about going after Democratically-ran cities that are led by people of color,” he added.

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The mayor said that 17 churches were coordinating to provide shelter and other services for the thousands of migrants who have arrived in the city. He calls it the Unity Initiative and claims that it will come at no cost to the taxpayer.

The initiative will be a temporary stopgap measure as the city continues building a large tent camp for asylum seekers in the neighborhood of Brighton Park. That effort has also been criticized over accusations that the site has been contaminated by heavy metals.

Johnson said that Republicans were purposely sending migrants without coordinating with city officials in order to create chaos.

“This is the same political party that did not want to accept that President Obama was actually an American,” he continued. “It’s the same Republican right-wing extremism that stormed the Capitol. It’s the same right-wing extremism that refuses to accept the results of the Civil War. It’s raggedy. It’s disrespectful it’s mean-spirited. It’s an unclean spirit, quite frankly.”

Chicago’s Democrat leaders have had to face the anger from some of the residents who are angry at migrants being provided services that they say should go to legal residents.

Johnson went on to quote the singer Beyonce after accusing Republicans of racism.

Here’s a video of the migrant plan:

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