How the Mobs Stole Christmas (Tree Lightings)

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When they’re not storming the Capitol without arrest, beating up cops, and leaving “bloody” handprints on the walls at the White House (it makes you wonder if Capitol Police investigators bothered to take prints), the mob is attempting to ruin American Christmas tree lightings. The interruptions were on behalf of the Nazis of Hamas, who only last month raped and murdered women, baked living babies in ovens, paraglided into a peaceful music festival with automatic weapons, and shot innocents.


However, why let a festival with peaceful merrymakers go to waste when the left’s renta-mobs can ruin it? The mob crashed civic events in Portland, Ore., Seattle, and even Nantucket, Mass., in honor of the celebration of the Lord, who was a Jew, after all, so revelers must have had it coming. I know what you’re thinking. Aren’t protests the only “civic events” allowed to happen in Seattle and Portland? Good point. 

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The net effect was that decent people attending the Christmas tree lighting had their night ruined by the mob, and the city did nothing about it. 

Downtown Seattle’s tree lighting at the Westlake Center was a peaceful gathering of holiday revelers who hazarded the fentanyl zombies to come downtown and watch the annual event. Before the tree was lit and fireworks were set off, the rent-a-mob ruined the festivities with death chants to Israel, brandishing fake babies, holding up miniature coffins, and screaming about blood libel.

In the true spirit of humanity, the protesters called for the annihilation of Jews.


Portland’s Christmas tree lighting has suffered a rough patch in years past. Home-grown jihadist Mohamed Osman Mohamud plotted to detonate a car bomb to evaporate Christmas tree celebrants in 2010. The Summer of Love riots, which started in May 2020 and continued beyond May 2021 (the news media stopped counting at 100 days, but the cops didn’t) in combination with the pandemic forced the cancelation of the Christmas tree lighting ceremony in 2020. This mob, the usual collection of Marxists, Antifa, BLM, “pro-Palestine” rabble, and other assorted anti-Semites, latched onto the very Israel-adjacent Christian celebration to accuse Jesus’s place of birth of genocide.

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The mob also ordered with its bullhorns the Jewish state to cease going after the genocidal terrorists of Hamas immediately. Yes, we know it was during the cease-fire, but as an old SDS commie organizer once confessed, “The issue isn’t the issue; the issue is the revolution.” Or, as Hillary Clinton put it in her college thesis about her friend and mentor Saul Alinsky, “There is only the fight.” 

The mob attempting to hijack the Christmas tree lighting ceremony on Saturday in Portland was booed. That’s how incredibly disgusted the decent people are with the mob. The city might want to begin enforcing its parade permit ordinances to break up, redirect, and ticket mobs that protest in what they used to call “Portland’s Living Room” without a permit, but who are we kidding?


And in Nantucket, where Joe Biden and the entire Crime Family are enjoying their tradition of Thanksgiving at the borrowed 13,000 square foot home of a billionaire, the haters came out to tell Joe and Jill that they were genocidal killers and that they need to stop Israel from killing any more Hamas terrorists.

These Nazi fans won’t understand how corrosive they and their messages of hate are until they stop worshiping the mob and its false gods.

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