Watch: Israel reveals evidence Hamas kept child hostages in Gaza hospital basement

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Israel now claims Hamas terrorists could have been keeping child hostages in a hospital basement after an inspection on Monday. The development comes after Israel has moved its operations into Gaza City’s Rantisi Hospital, beneath which Hamas is believed to operate.

The Telegraph reported that Israeli commanders discovered diapers, baby bottles, rope, a chair, and a motorbike similar to the ones used by Hamas terrorists to bring hostages back to Gaza from Israel on October 7. While the commanders discovered evidence of possible hostages, they also found makeshift toilets and curtains that could have been used to stage hostage videos.

The IDF also claimed to have found suicide vests and other weapons during its inspection of the hospital basement. The Times of Israel reported that among the weapons found, there were AK-47 assault rifles, explosive devices, and RPGs.

The revelations come after Hamas has insisted that it does not carry out operations from beneath hospitals in Gaza.

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The discoveries were announced by Daniel Hagar, a spokesman for the IDF.

“These are explosive bomb vests, yet terrorists are storing them in a children’s hospital,” Hagari said. He went on to say that the investigation is still ongoing, but it appears that the rooms discovered beneath the hospital were hostage holding areas. However, the exact location of the prisoners who were once held there is unknown.

“Hamas is a barbaric org, using hostages as human shields,” he continued. “This is a war crime, against international law.”

The findings apparently made by the IDF have not been independently verified, according to the report.

Hagari continued by reiterating that Israel has not waged war against the “people of Gaza,” who include the sick, women, and children. He stated that “our war is against Hamas who uses them as human shields.”

The IDF has urged Gazans living in the northern part of the Strip to make their way to the south as the conflict rages on.

“We are trying to shift the Gazans to a safe area in the south and reveal those hospitals as terror machines,” Hagari said.

“And the world should not forget those crimes against humanity done to Israel.”

Hagari left open the possibility that some terrorists could have slipped away with hospital patients.

Hamas’ hideout beneath the Rantisi was reportedly discovered by the Navy’s elite Shayetet 13 commando unit, as well as the 401st Armored Brigade.

Hamas hostage dungeon under Gaza hospital: Israeli soldiers show captured underground

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