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Good Veterans Day weekend to all you West Coast, Messed Coast™ readers. Huzzah to all who served, like my Dad who was an Air Force mechanic stateside during the Korean War. 


It’s been a tough week for Republican candidates and woke Seattle council members. Working at election offices is no walk in the park, either, especially if you’re the guy picking up the mail. Paul Pelosi’s hammer attacker, a BLM-supporting, short-bus-living leftist, is being depicted by the New York Times as an exemplar of right-wing conspiracies — a regular QAnon lover. 

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And with all that going on, your humble correspondent believes we need to start out this West Coast, Messed Coast™ report with our —

West Coast, Messed Coast™ feel good video of the week

Asians in the Seattle area have been the victims of home invasion robberies by groups of armed black males for several months. The bad guys’ MO has been to follow people home from a popular Asian market, confront them as they unlock their door, tase them, and rob them. 

Your West Coast, Messed Coast™ correspondent has reported some arrests, but robberies of Asians continue and the Asian community is on edge. In Tacoma, Wash., this week, three Vietnamese men drinking beer and bro-ing out in their garage were confronted by two black men. A pajama-pants-clad gunman pointed a rifle at the three young Asian victims while his buddy took their wallets. 

And then this happened. 

Yeah, that’s the gun in the victim’s hand at the end. They probably got a lecture from the cops, if they showed up, but it was one of the “gutsiest moves I ever saw, man.”


From Antifastan with love 

Elections offices in Washington, Oregon, and Georgia were mailed envelopes with a white powder that was later found to be crushed fentanyl or baking soda. Outraged elections officials were forced to evacuate their offices in Lane County, Ore., and in King, Pierce, Skagit, and Spokane in Washington Wednesday out of fear that the powder was something more deadly and sinister. 

An outraged Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensberger said that “election officials should be free from fear and intimidation, which is why I’ve called on the General Assembly to increase penalties for election interference.” 

Now FBI whistleblower Kyle Seraphin reports that the letters with the powder all came from Portland. 

Now we learn that all the letters that invoked Antifa iconography, in this case, the three downward-looking arrows, were sent from Portland. 

The letter called for Ending Elections Now and said drop boxes were susceptible to noxious chemicals “and they are unsafe to the public. Just saying.” It looks phony to me. 


This is former President Trump’s fault, according to the unhinged Rolling Stone. It reported that “Poll workers and election officials continue to resign en masse, many citing relentless threats and intimidation that have not fully abated since Trump’s 2020 loss.”

West Coast jailhouse conversion

The federal trial of San Francisco Castro District nudist activist Paul DePape who’s accused of breaking into Nancy Pelosi’s home and attacking her husband with a hammer, began this week in Doom Loop City. He’s accused of attempted kidnapping and assault for his attack on Paul Pelosi in 

The “off his rocker” man who for a time lived in a short bus in his mother’s Berkeley front yard was an illegal alien from Canada when he attacked Pelosi. His objective was to reportedly kidnap the then-speaker of the house because she’d been a very bad and corrupt girl. 

As I reported 13 months ago, after the incident we learned that DePape was a member of the Green Party who lived “in a Berkeley nudist collective, and his lawn is a boneyard for every Leftist political cause over the past few years.” His ex said, “if anything, he was progressive.” 

His daughter told the L.A. Times that among the things he railed about was QAnon and how he believed there were a bunch of sex perverts out to get kids. There is great irony in the fact that the man who endorsed nudity in the Castro District would be concerned about the sexualization of children, but, as his ex-said he was “off his rocker” due to his drug use. 


Comes now the New York Times attempting to make out DePape as a nutty right winger and we know this because of the title of the piece, “Federal Trial of Pelosi Attack Suspect Renews Focus on Political Violence,” with the lead graph reading:

David DePape lived a solitary life, worked carpentry jobs, and was seemingly obsessed with right-wing conspiracy theories on the internet where he railed against “wokism,” questioned the Holocaust, and embraced PizzaGate and QAnon.

Indeed in the next graph, the NYT uses these tenuous connections which have been scrubbed from the internet to tie DePape’s views to the views of “right wing leaders and pundits who have called her the enemy of the United States.” And if you didn’t get that connection, the paper says in the third graph that the trial, “it also spotlights the online disinformation cycle that has been fed by conspiracy theorists, conservative activists, elected officials, and media outlets.”

Considering it’s the feds who accused President Trump of instigating the January 6 riot without urging such a thing, it stands to reason that they must ascribe DePape’s nutty views to things he heard or read about in the conservative press. 

This is the tack his defense attorneys are taking in the trial. According to CNN, his defense attorney Jodi Linker, says his his attack on Paul Pelosi was not in response to Nancy Pelosi’s actions in her official capacity as then-speaker of the House but his belief that she was part of a plot to “manipulate the country, to spread lies, and to steal votes from Donald Trump.”


By the time this is all said and done, Donald Trump will be blamed for it all.

Who are the “disinformation” specialists, again? 

Is Seattle election Donald Trump’s ‘fault’ too?

As we went to press, three of Seattle’s wokest wackadoodle leftists are trailing and likely to lose their seats in one of America’s wokest and wackadoodle cities. Why? No one in Seattle will ever say Donald Trump was right, but I will: Donald Trump was right when he denounced the summer of love riots and their attendant fallout, including defunding the cops, allowing open-air drug dealing and using, and festering tent cities filled with addicts. 

With socialist Kshama Sawant not running for another term Seattle’s council was destined to be less woke, but three woke incumbents look to be losing their jobs. 

Good job, Seattle, and voters, I want you to continue to bear in mind that “community organizer,” “activist,” and “social justice warrior,” aren’t resume enhancers but simply code for emotionally unhinged wrecks. 

West Coast, Messed Coast™ Gavin Watch

It’s hard to run a stealth campaign for a president whose future depends on the vitality of a senile old man, but California Gov. Gavin Newsom, Governor Hair Gel, gamely carries on. 

The problem for him is a new public opinion poll showing that Californians can’t stand the guy because he’s run the state into the gutter. As a Democrat California Congressional Rep Ro Khanna once put it, “I think the message that says ‘Make America California’ is not a winning message,” Californians agree. 


The LA Times/UC Berkeley poll (what a combo!) shows that 49% of voters think Newsom has done a horrible job. It’s his “all-time low.” With those two woke establishments setting the questions and conducting the poll you can bet the results are much worse for the governor. 

Since Gavin Newsom was inaugurated as governor in January 2019:

Until next week West Coast, Messed Coast™ readers, remember this it could be worse. You could live here. 

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