‘You should be calling them out!’ Bill Maher blames Neil deGrasse Tyson for placating anti-free-speech ‘spoiled kids’

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Comedian Bill Maher accused astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson of being too soft on colleges and college students by not calling out “spoiled kids” enough when it comes to being woke or equating speech to violence.

On his “Club Random Podcast,” Maher and Tyson debated whether or not the comedian should be tweaking his content in order to relate to college students, who are generally offended by his jokes.

Tyson attempted to claim that Maher developed many of his viewpoints in the 1970s and that times have changed and different jokes could still work on college campuses.

“Am I not woke enough for you?” Maher asked.

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“What I meant was jokes that would work on a college campus. Surely there’s a portfolio of jokes that would still work on a college campus, surely.”

“I would hope not. Maybe some college campuses. The ones you read about are f**king insane!” Maher decried.

“You’ve given up on an entire generation and you don’t know how to make them laugh?” Tyson then posited.

“I have given up on any place that doesn’t even remotely attempt to believe in free speech and thinks that anything that they hear that they don’t like, that they don’t agree with, is violence. These people are f**king nuts, and you should be calling them out! Somebody like you, who has standing with kids, should be not joining them,” Maher said, as he became increasingly animated.

“I do it when there’s a science objectivity to it, yes,” deGrasse Tyson claimed.

“You’re doing what parents do. You’re taking the path of least resistance and therefore hurting the kids and yourself. Parents ruin both their lives. They ruin their f**king spoiled kids’ lives, and they ruin their own lives, ’cause the kids rule the roost. So that’s what you’re doing on a national level,” he told Tyson.

“I see what pisses people off, what they react to, and I say, ‘All right, these are the land mines I’m gonna navigate,'” Tyson said, explaining his logic.

“It’s not good enough to be right; you also have to be effective, and if you reject the college campus, then you have no influence on them. They’re not going to say, ‘Oh, we’re not going to get Bill; maybe we should change.’ Then you have no influence on them.”

The scientist had previously been criticized for his views on similar issues like transgenderism, particularly the topic of men in women’s sports. On the show “TRIGGERnometry,” he was challenged on his claim that genetics are insufficient to determine a person’s gender.

On “The Michael Shermer Show,” deGrasse Tyson argued against men and women competing in different categories. He suggested that it is strange that differentiations exist for sex and not for other genetic differences such as height.

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