Video: Security rips down Israel-US flag at Philadelphia Eagles game, reportedly kicks out NJ Democrat who was displaying it

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Security ripped down an Israel-U.S. flag from the outside wall of a luxury box during Sunday’s game between the Philadelphia Eagles and the visiting Dallas Cowboys — and reportedly kicked out prominent New Jersey Democrat George Norcross who was displaying the flag.

What are the details?

Norcross, 67, was seen on video arguing with a security guard who confronted the political power broker, the New York Post reported.

Image source: X video screenshot via @julieroginsky

Video also appears to show Norcross grabbing the security guard’s shirt.

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Image source: X video screenshot via @julieroginsky

After Norcross was led away, the security guard tore the Israel-U.S. flag from the suite’s outside wall at Lincoln Financial Field.

Image source: X video screenshot via @julieroginsky

Image source: X video screenshot via @julieroginsky

The Post said the dual flag was an apparent display of support for Israel amid its war against terrorist group Hamas.

Here’s the clip:

The paper said a stadium official indicated that a “long-standing policy” prohibits flags in the facility, and Norcross was removed after becoming “verbally and physically abusive.”

More from the Post:

Lincoln Financial Field’s policy on signs and banners says security can remove anything that is “potentially offensive.”

“Signs, banners or similar items that are obscene or indecent, not event-related, potentially offensive to other patrons, capable of blocking views of other fans or otherwise deemed dangerous or inappropriate by the Eagles are prohibited,” it says.

“Lincoln Financial Field reserves the right to confiscate any signs that are in violation of stadium policy.”

Anything else?

Norcross reportedly had the following to say about the incident, telling the New Jersey Globe that he was “forcibly removed and assaulted by the non-police security staff of Lincoln Financial Field and the Eagles/NFL for refusing to remove a 3′ x5′ American and Israeli flag I’d hung off the box I was sitting in.”

He added, “As a longtime passionate fan and season ticket holder, I have watched the Eagles/NFL make clear and strong statements on numerous important civil justice issues and ethnic and world conflicts, including supporting the people of Ukraine, so as a strong supporter of Israel – a country which was viciously attacked by the terrorist group Hamas less than a month ago – I thought it was an important statement to make,” the Globe noted.

Norcross also said “it remains unclear why the Eagles/NFL believe that the US-Israeli flag should be deemed ‘obscene or indecent’ or otherwise inappropriate — which is what I was cited for — and should therefore be ripped down despite both issuing public statements strongly supporting Israel following the October 7th attacks. But as I consider whether to file suit against the Philadelphia Eagles, the NFL, and the security company which yanked me out of the box and paraded me in front of thousands of fans, I urge other supporters of Israel to make their feelings known to the team and the NFL just as they have to universities like Penn and Harvard,” according to the Globe.

The Post said Norcross’ endorsements are widely sought after in New Jersey, and the Norcross family has expressed its support for Israel. Norcross’ brother Donald — a Democrat U.S. representative from New Jersey — joined a congressional delegation on a visit to Israel just three days after Hamas launched its Oct. 7 surprise attack against the Jewish nation, the Post reported.

The Eagles did not immediately respond to an email seeking comment, the Globe reported.

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