Serial Car Theft Suspect in Ohio Stopped By Fast-Thinking Forklift Operator Who Suspends Him In Mid-Air

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A serial car thief was apprehended is a very unique way. As he was trying to steal a car from a junkyard in Akron, Ohio, he was met with a forklift that put him 20 feet in the air while in the vehicle.

The suspect has been identified as Alexander Funk, 26 years old. This is the third time Funk broke into the junkyard, but the first time he was caught.

Fox News reported:

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A man in Ohio sat about “20 feet off the ground” in a vehicle he allegedly tried to steal from a wrecking yard while waiting for police to arrive to arrest him.

Bodycam footage from Akron police shows the SUV still hanging in the air before it was gently lifted down, so officers could apprehend the suspect.

“What’s your name, man?” one of the officers could be heard asking.

“None of your business, bro,” the suspect in handcuffs said.

The footage was from the Akron Police Department which was a bodycam from one of the officers. It is from October 17th.

He was charged with trespassing and possession of tools with intent for criminal activity. This can be a lesson not to commit crimes, especially around quick forklift operators.

Suspect Alexander Funk


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