Schadenfreude: Chris Christie Brutally Heckled at Florida Freedom Summit

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Chris “Kristy Kreme” Christie has absolutely no chance of becoming president. He didn’t when he announced; he doesn’t now; and he never will. He knew it then just as he knows it now. But he has a job to do: attack-dogging Trump on behalf of the donors who prop up his sad exercise in narcissism.


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Americans are done with this class of politician — a pure, reprehensible donor creation with nothing to offer but the same standard focus-grouped talking points developed by sad hacks like doughball Frank Luntz that GOP candidates have been offering for decades.

Mind you, repeating them over and over and over — like the need to close the gaping wound that is the border — has never resulted in any sort of tangible results. These are sweet nothings tossed out to the base that increasingly understands it’s been taken for a long ride.

Chris Christie, whose crowning achievement in life is somehow being more obese than Frank Luntz, delivered one such speech full of banal platitudes at a “freedom conference” in Florida wearing a stupid flag lapel — the universal uniform of Swamp creatures with nothing of substance to offer. Imagine being impressed by a flag lapel: “Oh my, I was on the fence before, but then I saw he put the star-spangled banner on his suit. Now I’m sold.”

The audience was none too enthusiastic, as he was heckled throughout.

In pure schadenfreude, which PJ Media readers know I very much enjoy when it comes to scumbag politicians, Christie stumbled his way through the speech anyway. It was very boring, and very Jeb Bush-esque low energy.



My favorite part was that he hit obviously pre-planned crescendos at several portions that were obviously supposed to be the high notes, but they failed miserably and the best he managed to muster by way of feedback was a tiny smattering of tepid applause against a cacophony of jeers.

It was truly enjoyable to behold, and perhaps no sniveling, scheming RINO on the nominal right deserves to be publicly humiliated more than Chris Christie, with the possible exception of Lindsey Graham or Mitt Romney.

John McCain would have been up there on the list as well, but he’s dead now, God rest his soul. I hope there are defense contractors on whose behalf he can lobby for endless war in heaven — what else would he do with himself to pass the time?

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