Report: Jim Jordan to Face Challenger in Tuesday’s Floor Vote for Speaker

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Revenge of the RINOs

A faction of Republican RINOs vow to run a challenger on Tuesday during the House vote for Speaker.

On Sunday Jeffries, one of the least impressive political leaders in recent history, told Meet the Press that a handful of RINOs are working with Democrats to sabotage Jim Jordan’s vote in the House.

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On Friday, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) won the GOP nomination for Speaker. Jordan is wildly popular with grassroots conservatives and numerous conservative groups. Several Kevin McCarthy supporters were outraged that the grassroots would challenged the entrenched Republican establishment and remove the former Speaker from office.

We will be keeping tabs on the RINOs who vote against Jim Jordan.

The Gateway Pundit reached out for comment.

Politico reported:

A faction of Republicans that strongly opposes Jim Jordan is vowing he’ll have a challenger during the House floor speakership vote on Tuesday, according to two House Republicans familiar with the planning.

While they have not yet nailed down a specific name, they believe the person they ultimately land on will not only be able block Jordan from the speakership, but also give cover to those who want to vote against him. The challenger will certainly take arrows from the far-right flank of the conference, which is pushing hard for Jordan.

“There will be an alternative for the rational part of the Republican conference,” said one of these House Republicans.

It’s an unwelcome development for Jordan that will further complicate his rocky bid to get to 217 votes on the House floor. Few House Republicans had predicted he would face a competitor after he won the conference’s nomination on Friday.

Jordan was the second speaker nominee this past week, after his supporters first helped block Rep. Steve Scalise (R-La.) by making clear they would not give him the 217 votes needed.

That upset Scalise allies, leading one – Rep. Austin Scott (R-Ga.) – to challenge Jordan. Scott received 81 votes, vs. 124 for Jordan.

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