Lebanese-American Survivor of Terrorism Warns U.S. About Muslim Migrant Influx

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A survivor of Islamic terrorism in Lebanon is warning Americans following the horrific Hamas attack on Israel that importing a huge Muslim population to your country always spells disaster.

Brigitte Gabriel was wounded in a rocket barrage at the age of ten and spent years living in a bomb shelter. She moved to Israel in 1984 and became a TV anchor. She is now an American citizen, best-selling author, speaker, and chairwoman of ACT for America, the “largest national security grassroots organization” in the country.

On Oct. 11, amidst the Gaza-Israel conflict in which Palestinian terrorists have claimed over 1,300 Israeli lives, Gabriel posted a warning on X (Twitter). This comes as other experts also warned Americans about the rising number of terrorists and potential terrorists (the latter group almost 75,000 last year) that are crossing illegally into the U.S.

“Lebanon was the only Christian-majority nation in the Middle East,” Gabriel began. “It’s where I was born. We prided ourselves on inclusivity. Always welcoming Arab Muslim refugees from all over the Middle East.“

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At first, it seemed like a great success. “We had the best economy despite having no natural oil. The best universities,” she said. “They called Beirut the ‘Paris of the Middle East’ and the Mountains of Lebanon was [sic] a tourist destination.”

“My early childhood was idyllic, my father was a prosperous businessman in town and my mother was at home with me, an only child,” Gabriel continued.

But that changed all too quickly. “Slowly, the Arab Muslims began to become the majority in Lebanon and our rights began to wither away.” Her idyllic childhood turned nightmarish.

Soon, we would find ourselves unable to leave our small Christian town without fear of being stopped and killed by Arabs. In Lebanon your religion is on your government issued ID.

As the war intensified and the radical Islamists made their way south, my home was hit by an errant rocket and my life was forever changed.

We spent the next almost decade in a bomb shelter, scraping together pennies and eating dandelions and roots just to survive.

She explained that the Israelis rescued Gabriel from this hellish existence and gave her a second chance at life. “If it was not for Israel coming in and surrounding our town, I do not know If I would be here today,” she emphasized. “Lebanon is now a country 100% controlled and run by Hezbollah. I lost my country of birth.”

Fox’s Bill Melugin noted recently the dramatic rise in terror watchlist suspects caught at the southern border. The number of terrorists caught this fiscal year (151) is almost eight times the number of terrorists who carried out the devastating 9/11 attacks, which killed about 3,000 people! Border reporter Ben Bergquam also said on Bannon’s War Room this week that, according to Border Patrol agents with whom he talked, hundreds of Middle Eastern and West African Muslim males — with “huge numbers” of Syrians — are crossing the U.S. border daily. This presents a real danger to us.

In her post, Gabriel praised the American dream. “I thank God every single day I was able to immigrate to America and live out the dream that BILLIONS of people only dream of having.”

But that dream is at severe risk. “Now here in America, my adopted country that I have come to love so much, I see the same threats and warning signs happening now that took place in Lebanon when I was a child.”

In Australia, pro-Palestinian protesters chanted, “Gas the Jews.” In France, a Muslim Chechen stabbed a teacher Friday, which Hamas designated an international day in support of jihad. At American universities, students called for “intifada,” or bloody war against Jews. There have been rallies around the world to celebrate the Hamas atrocities. Israel won’t be the only country with an Islamic terrorism crisis.

Unless we can somehow address the issue of the thousands of Muslim terrorists and potential terrorists entering and already in America, we will suffer the same gruesome fate as Lebanon.

“This is my warning to you, America, reverse course now while you still can,” Gabriel concluded. “It’s not too late to save our freedom and preserve it for the next generation.”

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