‘You and your Hamas friends will regret your barbaric actions,’ Israel warns Iranian leader on social media

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The Jewish State directly responded to Islamic Republic of Iran’s Ayatollah Ali Khamenei on X.

“Heads of the Zionist regime and their backers should know that the massacre and mass murder of the people of #Gaza will cause a larger calamity to come upon them,” a post on Khamenei’s account declared.

“It’s easy to be brave when you’re hiding behind a keyboard. You and your Hamas friends will regret your barbaric actions very soon,” Israel responded.

Many people in Israel have been slaughtered due to brutal attacks perpetrated by Hamas.

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has described the utter horror, noting that families were killed in their homes, women were “brutally raped” and killed, and people were kidnapped, including children. “They beheaded soldiers,” he said.

Netanyahu has described Hamas as “savages,” and noted that they “bound, burned, and executed children.”

At least 14 American citizens have been killed, President Joe Biden has said. He also noted that U.S. citizens are among the individuals being held by Hamas. “We stand with Israel,” the president declared during his speech on Tuesday.

Some U.S. citizens, including the husband of Blaze Media employee Ashton DeGroot are currently stranded in Israel.

“Given the immediate challenges with getting US commercial airlines into Israel, it’s imperative that the administration use military planes to help get US citizens out of Israel as expeditiously as possible,” GOP Rep. Mike Lawler of New York has tweeted. “In addition, we must take steps to indemnify the commercial airline carriers to get them flying back into Israel as quickly as possible — as it stands we are looking at November as the earliest time they will fly into Israel,” he added.

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