US lottery jackpot swells to $1.55bn

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The US Powerball lottery jackpot has climbed to a staggering $1.55bn (£1.27bn) after another draw in which nobody matched the game’s six numbers and won the giant prize.

It’s the world’s fourth largest lottery prize after rolling over for 34 consecutive drawings since the last time someone won the top prize on 19 July.

Enough to buy 269 eight-seater private jets, the huge jackpot almost matches the GDP of the Solomon Islands.

For additional context a bit closer to home, it’s enough to buy 3,875 of London’s electric double decker busses.

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The scarcity of Powerball jackpot winners reflects the game’s daunting odds of 1 in 292.2 million.

To win the huge sum, a player must guess all six lucky numbers, including the final Powerball.

Saturday’s numbers were: 47, 54, 57, 60, 65 and red Powerball 19.

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Americans can buy a Powerball ticket for $2 (£1.64) and winners can decide to receive their money as an annuity, paid in 30 graduated payments over 29 years, or a lump sum cash payment.

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Most jackpot winners opt for cash, which for the next draw would be an estimated $679.8m (£557.12m).

US folks will get their next chance to win on Monday night at the next draw.

Powerball is played in 45 states as well as Washington DC, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands.

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