Is Trump Taking This Election Seriously?

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It always pains me to criticize Donald Trump because of how good his presidency was for America—something the Biden administration makes clearer on a daily basis. Think about it: Trump secured the border, got our economy roaring, and brokered a few “impossible” peace deals, just to name a few things. Heck, on his watch, America became a net exporter of energy. Compare that to what’s happening under Joe Biden–it’s no comparison. Illegals are flooding across the border, the economy is limping along, and the apparent highlight of his foreign policy is a recently brokered peace deal with Japan and South Korea.


I wasn’t exactly jumping on board the Trump Train in 2016, but I was all aboard during his presidency. Still, his personal behavior over the past couple of years, particularly since he started running for president again, has become increasingly indefensible.

Aside from the personal attacks against fellow Republicans whom he considers disloyal, Trump’s actions–and the actions of his campaign–are, frankly, immature.

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Not only has Trump decided to not debate his fellow GOP primary candidates, he scheduled an interview with Tucker Carlson at the same time as the first debate in Milwaukee in a transparent attempt to steal the thunder away from his opponents. Brilliant strategy? Yeah, sure, one could argue that. But for months now, Trump has been treating his fellow Republicans, particularly Ron DeSantis, as bigger enemies than Joe Biden.

I’m on the Trump campaign media list and I know whom the campaign is attacking more than anyone. Trust me, it’s not Biden.

But Trump’s debate shenanigans didn’t stop there. On Wednesday afternoon, the Trump campaign sent out an email with a “DeSanctimonious Debate Night Bingo” card.

The worst thing about this bingo card is that it shows Trump’s campaign isn’t taking this election seriously. This bingo card isn’t a reflection of policy differences, it’s a desperate gimmick. “Narratives,” “Pudding mention,” “Red Ears,” “Wipes Snot,” “Dee-Santis,” “Duh-Santis.”

I swear, his campaign is like watching a high school class presidential election.

Oh, but there’s more. “Woke.” Really? Does DeSantis like wokeness?

“Ron Defends Slavery.” When has DeSantis ever defended slavery?

This is the kind of ridiculousness one would expect to come from a random liberal looking for his fifteen minutes of fame on social media, and this is coming straight from the Trump campaign.

But if you can look beyond the childish leftism emanating from this bingo card, it’s clear from this silly stunt that Trump still sees DeSantis as his biggest threat. It’s true. Trump barely talks policy, even though he has a record to run on. Despite Trump’s lead in the polls, he clearly is concerned that DeSantis could win over Republican voters in the long run, and wants to make DeSantis the butt of a joke. You don’t spend months attacking just one of your opponents and making silly bingo cards mocking him if you’re not afraid of him.

Trump may end up being the Republican nominee. His lead in the polls would make that a very good bet. But Trump isn’t running as a member of the Republican Party, he’s running as a member of the Trump party–and he could make it significantly easier for the Democrats to win with his immature campaign.

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