Scarborough: ‘We Don’t Need To Hear’ What Conservative Media Is Saying

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Mika Brzezinski Joe Scarborough MSNBC Morning Joe 8-17-23 Talk about liberals living in an information echo chamber, protecting their sensitive ears from any contrary views from the conservative side!

On today’s Morning Joe, Scarborough said that when last night, wife Mika Brzezinski wanted him to hear something that had been said on “another cable news channel” [Morning Joe code for Fox News], Scarborough scoffed: ”We don’t need to hear what they say. It doesn’t matter what they say. What matters is what goes on in the courtrooms. And we all know where this is going.

Really? We all know where this is going? Who’s “we,” Joe? The right-thinking people on the left? The ones who have been saying the “walls are closing in” for five or six years? The “courtrooms” never matched their wild speculation of what it was “going” when Trump was president.

You’d think Scarborough might be more modest about his powers of prognostication. Scarborough is the same guy we caught having said not long before the 2016 election that Trump would lose “without a doubt.”

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And then there was Scarborough kvetching about Republicans not listening to him. As if Republicans should take their marching orders from an ex-Republican sellout like Scarborough? As if his record of predictions is spotless?

Note: In discussing “false equivalencies” between alleged Trump and Biden scandals, Scarborough said that “Donald Trump stole nuclear secrets.” For some time now, that has been Scarborough’s hyperbolic way of describing Trump having held onto classified documents. 

Note also that Mika, wanting to protect her liberal street cred, made a point of saying that she hadn’t tuned into that dreaded “other cable news channel” [aka Fox News] in order to actually learn something. Heaven forbid! No, she just wanted to know ”what other people are saying, and hearing, and ingesting. Disinformation.” Yes, those poor mind-numbed conservative robots, being force-fed propaganda by their Fox News overlords. Unlike the enlightened souls who watch Morning Joe every day, with its conga line of Trump haters!

On Morning Joe, Joe Scarborough saying that “we don’t need to hear” what is being said on conservative media as sponsored in part by Consumer Cellular and AARP.

Here’s the transcript.

Morning Joe
6:10 am EDT

JOE SCARBOROUGH: We were joking about Chuck Rosenberg yesterday, about how Mika wanted to talk to me about, like, somebody was saying on another cable news channel —

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: I thought it was important to know what other people are saying, and hearing, and ingesting. Disinformation.

SCARBOROUGH: 7:30, 8:00 at night and I was listening to, to some music, to kind of forget about the day, the news day. 

And I said, we don’t, we don’t need to hear what they say. It doesn’t matter what they say. What matters is what goes on in the courtrooms. And we all know where this is going.

And you look at these, you look at these poll numbers, we all know where this is going.

And I think the question, Mika, is, how long does Tim Scott, again, somebody that I’ve said is a very strong candidate. How long does Tim Scott humiliate himself by pretending that Donald Trump did nothing wrong? How long does he humiliate himself by talking about Hunter Biden taking $7 million, saying nothing about Jared Kushner’s $3 billion, only 1% of that, as Steve Rattner told us, coming from the United States, and the rest coming from people he worked with in the Gulf.

Like, how long are they going to paint these false equivalencies? I’m not saying Jared did anything illegal. But if you’re going to say, Donald Trump sold nuclear secrets and Hunter Biden making $7 million from three different countries — and it’s a 7 — from three different countries, and you’re going to create this false narrative?

I keep trying to say it. And I wish somebody would listen to me in the Republican party, other than Chris Christie. This ends badly! This ends badly!”

MIKA: Yeah.

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