Did the Weiss Appointment Prove Merrick Garland Committed Perjury?

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As soon as we learned that Attorney General Merrick Garland had appointed U.S. Attorney David Weiss as special counsel in the investigation of Hunter Biden, it was clear to many that the fix was in.

What we are seeing is a backhanded attempt to obstruct the House Oversight Committee’s investigation, which has not only uncovered financial records linking the Bidens to shady foreign payments via a tangled web of shell companies but has also obtained incriminating testimony from witnesses, including IRS whistleblowers and Hunter Biden’s former business associates.

Even the appointment of Weiss in particular was suspect because it violated Department of Justice regulations requiring a special counsel to be from outside of government. Weiss is a sitting U.S. Attorney who was also the man behind the absurd plea deal that gave Hunter Biden a “Get Out Of Jail Free” card and blanket immunity.

IRS Whistleblower Gary Shapley has things to say about the appointment. He appeared on CNN Saturday and blasted the actions of the Justice Department. Shapley claimed that Garland’s actions contradicted his own testimony that Weiss never had full authority to charge Hunter Biden, and thus, Garland lied.

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“Yesterday’s announcement was an admission by Attorney General Garland that they have not been truthful — the Department of Justice hasn’t been truthful with the American people,” Shapley told host Michael Smerconish. Shapley said Garland’s move vindicated everything the whistleblowers have testified to, and that Weiss “did not have the authority to make the decisions” as “he said in the October 7th, 2022, meeting.”

Shapley pointed out that in the letter dated June 7, Weiss claimed he had “complete authority to file charges” against Hunter Biden, but his story changed after whistleblowers testified to the contrary. In a letter dated June 30, Weiss stated that he was unable to file charges beyond Delaware’s jurisdiction without collaborating with another U.S. Attorney.

“This announcement yesterday is absolute, unquestionable vindication of Special Agent Ziegler and I coming forward, ’cause this is the crux of the issue that we brought forward to the House Ways and Means Committee and the House Oversight Committee,” Shapley said.

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Shapley pointed out that Garland had previously testified that Weiss had greater authority than a Special Counsel does. So ask yourself, does Weiss now have “less authority” than he did before? “It just doesn’t match up,” Shapley pointed out. So either Garland has now stripped Weiss of authority or he lied to Congress.

“This announcement runs afoul of everything that DOJ has told the American people about who has the authority. It runs afoul of Attorney General Garland’s testimony in front of Congress on April 26 last year and March 1 of this year, and these letters just simply are not accurate based on the, the, the actions taken,” Shapley explained. “If you recall, Attorney General Garland said that […] David Weiss had more authority than a special counsel had. So now he appoints him special counsel, does he now have less authority than he had previously? It just doesn’t match up.”

In other words, pretty much everything about this appointment of Weiss as special counsel is suspicious.

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