Trans People Traumatized by Reality-Based Doctors: Report

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No group plays tiny violins for itself, as the late Christopher Hitchens might say, with quite the same melodramatic flair as the so-called “trans community.” (What makes it a “community” other than shared genital dysmorphia and self-delusion is unclear.)

A nonbinary person was grilled about their use of “they/them” pronouns during an ultrasound. A trans-masculine person moved out of Tennessee, fearing they would lose access to hormone therapy as legislators passed bills restricting gender-affirming care.

Transgender Americans often face subtle discrimination, outright hostility and ill-informed medical professionals in their interactions with the health-care system.

This is clearly as much, if not more, of a top-down, astroturfed controversy as it is an organic uprising among the LGBTQ+++™ footsoldiers on the front lines.

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There is so much money in “transgender healthcare” (a misnomered euphemism if ever there was one) that large hospitals and other institutions have all of the incentive in the world to force their doctors, under threat of accusations of transphobia and other means, to comply with the program.

Here is, for instance, the Transgender Health Clinic at Vanderbilt University Medical Center (VUMC) Professor of Pediatrics Ellen Wright Clayton warning doctors that listening to their consciences by refusing to mutilate children’s genitals for profit is, using the infamous buzzword of the Social Justice™ left, “problematic” and “not without consequences.”

Continuing via Washington Post:

[Cross-sex] hormones were essential to feeling comfortable in [transgender Ezekiel Scott’s] own skin and affirming his gender identity, but the treatment was cast as cosmetic and unnecessary. “It’s like being told to stop having your own face,” he said.

It took four months to get an appointment at a university health clinic.

Imagine being so narcissistic, in a world full of dying cancer victims unable to access actual healthcare, to be mad about having to wait for totally elective non-healthcare such as “affirming hormones,” which in other contexts are regarded as illegal steroids.

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As a trans person, that’s unfortunately not uncommon where you’re expected to provide all of this education for your providers,” Brooks said. “You wouldn’t expect a patient who is diagnosed with diabetes to have to educate their doctor on what diabetes is.”

Nearly half (47 percent) of trans adults say the health-care providers they have come in contact with know “not too much” or “nothing at all” about providing health care to trans people.

Imagine, again, being so narcissistic as to believe you can “educate” doctors who spent years learning about biological reality (however poorly and incompletely in modern medical schools — a story for another day) about your ideological delusions imparted upon you via TikTok propaganda.

This is, once again — aside from being the product of biomedical profiteering and postmodern rejection of objective reality — a function of the “everybody gets a trophy” culture in which each special snowflake of special unique specialness is entitled to unlimited self-indulgence regardless of the merits (or lack thereof) of their claims to it.

No one — not their parents or their teachers, principally — ever took the effort to impart upon them that they are not the center of the universe, and the world does not and should not revolve around their ephemeral whims.

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