No Taxes On The Middle Class Was A Big Lie

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We know that Joe Biden cannot tell the truth, but the bigger problem may be not perceiving the truth. Most politicians will tell you what they think you want to hear, but Joe Biden doesn’t care what you want. He will do what he wants, and the hell with the consequences. He will twist the facts, create his narrative, and the media will repeat it so that half the country believes it as the bible. The rest of the country knows it is to use Biden’s words, malarkey. Joe promised he would not raise taxes on the middle class and grow the economy from the ground up and the middle out. His promises are pure recycled garbage, like his two plagiarized speeches that forced him from his first two runs at the White House.

Biden has hit the road with pale campaign events touting the successes of the economy because of Bidenomics. The facts do not back him up. Joe came to Auburn, Maine, on Friday to brag about his economy, even saying the radical MAGA Republicans must impeach him now that they cannot complain about the economy. Sorry, Joe, but that is not a joke. We must impeach you for a lifetime of corruption on the backs of hardworking Americans. The economy in Maine is horrible. Gas prices are rising toward the $4.00 mark. A quick trip to the grocery store used to set you back $75, but now you better bring a C Note. The only things growing in Maine are the number of roadside pot shops and the number of illegals sleeping in the shelters in Portland. Joe has nearly killed our Lobster industry, and the rising cost of living keeps the traffic down on Rte 95. Times are not good in Maine or the rest of America.

The Fed raised interest rates for the eleventh time this week. Mortgage rates under Trump were 3%. They are 7% under Biden. Higher is not better, Joe. A $300,000, 30 year mortgage at 3% is $1,200 monthly. That same mortgage today at 7% will cost you $1,996. Bidenomics will cost you $800 a month or almost $29,000 over the life of the loan. Those are facts, Joe.

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Joe brags about inflation coming down to 4%. Inflation was at 1.2% the day he took the oath, and he drove it up to nearly 10% in his first year. That is nothing to brag about. At the same time Biden is bragging, Kamala Harris is telling us that most Americans are a $400 unexpected expense away from bankruptcy. These two people are our Executive branch, and they are completely opposite in their message. The facts are that inflation is coming down, but real prices today are 16% higher than in 2020. That is Bidenomics.

Maybe they are not labeled as taxes, but the buying power of Americans has shrunk by $10,000. The lower and middle classes feel inflation the most, so how can he claim that he is growing the economy from the bottom up? He cannot, but he does. Lie, repeat, lie again, and repeat. That is what Bidenomics is. Joe is now on vacation for ten days. That is good news for America. Hopefully, he does not cause us any harm for the next ten days.

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