Did Hunter Biden Store ‘Joe Biden Conversations’ on Encrypted Messaging Apps?

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According to an analysis of the Laptop from Hell by the nonprofit Marco Polo, Hunter Biden may have used at least 16 private message apps,  many of them highly encrypted, that could contain some of his most sensitive business and personal correspondence.

The New York Post reports:

“We know he downloaded the app Wickr. The app downloaded 226 times from his iCloud account from 2012 onward,” said a person familiar with the research. “I think that’s where you’re going to find the Joe Biden conversations.”

“There is no trace of Wickr on the iPhone or the laptop, which means he was very secure with it,” the source added.

Wickr is a favorite among the US armed forced and has contracted with the US Army, Navy, Marines, and Air Force to provide encrypted messaging services.

The mainstream media and Democrats only care about the contents of encrypted messages when they think it can damage a conservative.

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In 2018, The Gateway Pundit reported Special Counsel Robert Mueller demanded Trump witnesses turn in their personal cell phones so his team of liberal hack lawyers could inspect encrypted messages in the now debunked Russiagate probe.

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