Emmy Awards postponed due to Hollywood strikes

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This year’s Emmy Awards ceremony has been postponed, Sky News understands.

The awards show was supposed to go ahead on 18 September, but will now be pushed back possibly until January, according to a source close to the plans.

The source said the dual writers’ and actors’ strikes are the reason behind the postponement.

Some 1,500 screenwriters, represented by the Writers’ Guild of America (WGA), took to the picket line when their contract ran out with major Hollywood studios and streaming giants in May.

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SAG-AFTRA, the union which represents approximately 160,000 actors, announced strike action on 14 July after its contract expired and studios refused to meet its demands.

It is the first time in 63 years that a dual strike in Hollywood has occurred, and the walkouts threaten to grind the industry to a halt.

Both unions are pushing the studios for fair pay, and guarantees that artificial intelligence will not threaten jobs.

Fox Corporation, which is due to air the ceremony, would not comment.

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