Is Authentic Journalism Going to Survive the AI Revolution?

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Due to my failure to do due diligence, for which I take full responsibility, I have fallen for social media parodies a couple of times at this point. The fault is my own because I didn’t take sufficient time to vet them, a mistake I have been vigilant about not duplicating.

The more recent involved a parody account mocking Zero-COVID-19 cultists in the context of the reality or lack thereof of so-called “Long COVID.”

Alas, parsing through potential parody accounts on social media may prove to be the least of the challenges that journalists will have moving forward into the budding AI-run technocracy.

A few months back at PJ Media, I reported on an attempted AI-facilitated ransom scheme in which a caller managed to program AI to mimic a woman’s voice. The perpetrator then placed an ominous phone call in which the spoofed voice of the woman demanded $1 million dollar in ransom from the mother.

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Then there is the issue of an ostensible Democrat party activist named Erica Marsh. Before its suspension, the Marsh entity, with pronouns in bio, Tweeted, like any standard The View-viewing wine mom would, about its support for various Social Justice™ and social engineering projects fashionable with the left.

While active, the account provided irresistible fodder for the right, recently Tweeting regarding the ban on affirmative action in universities that “No Black person will be able to succeed in a merit-based system which is exactly why affirmative-action based programs were needed.”

The only problem is that the Erica Marsh entity does not appear to exist in physical human form.

Via The Hill:

Twitter has suspended a viral left-wing account amid questions about its legitimacy…

The account of Erica Marsh — whose profile describes her as a “Proud Democrat,” a former field organizer for President Biden and a volunteer for the Obama Foundation — was reportedly taken down after the Post raised questions to Twitter’s trust and safety department.

Marsh does not appear in local phone or voting records in Washington, and neither the Biden campaign nor the Obama Foundation has records of her involvement, according to the Post.

(The other major challenge of the day, aside from the technological one presented by AI, is that the online Social Justice™ left is largely beyond parody. Its neurosis has advanced to such a degree that it’s nearly impossible to convey a more unhinged image as a satirist without venturing into bona fide, diagnosable mental health condition status.)

Then there is the real-time AI deepfake epidemic of high-profile political figures, including the Brandon entity in which a persona is not only spoofed but the avatar provides some degree of real-time interaction with the audience.

All of the technology that enables this sort of techno-sorcery is only going to explode in capability, affordability, and accessibility in the future. I leave you, once again, with the prophetic words of Terence McKenna.

It’s only going to get weirder. The level of contradiction is going to rise excruciatingly, even beyond the excruciating present levels of contradiction. So, I think it’s just going to get weirder and weirder, and weirder, and finally it’s going to be so weird that people are going to have to talk about how weird it is. And at that point novelty theory can come out of the woods, ah, because eventually people are going to say, “What the hell is going on?” It’s just too nuts, it’s not enough to say it’s nuts, you have to explain why it’s so nuts. So, between now and 2012, the next 14 years, I look for: the invention of artificial life, the cloning of human beings, possible contact with extraterrestrials, possible human immortality, and at the same time, appalling acts of brutality, genocide, race baiting, homophobia, famine, starvation; because the systems which are in place to keep the world sane are utterly inadequate to the forces that have been unleashed.
—Terence McKenna

Any “homophobia” on social media is probably going to get censored down the memory hole by the technocracy if current trajectories continue. And McKenna was a little premature on the 2012 deadline for techno-hell’s full force to be unleashed on humanity. But other than that, his prediction appears to be panning out in real time.

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