State of California wants parents to pay over $675k after their kids sparked fire that burned 100 acres

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Parents of children who accidentally sparked a massive fire may be forced to pay $675k to help reimburse the state of California.

A lawsuit from the state’s attorney general claimed that the fire was caused by the parents’ negligence because they weren’t watching their children closely enough while they played with a campfire. The family was camping at the Skyline Truck Trail in Jamul, a small town near San Diego.

“Joy S. and Nathan S. negligently supervised one or more of their minor children [who then] transferred the campfire to an adjacent vegetated area,” reads the lawsuit from Attorney General Rob Bonta’s Office.

The fire began on June 11, 2020, and burned over 100 acres during three days.

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The lawsuit says that the parents weren’t able to put out the fire, and it subsequently “escaped their control and ignited additional vegetation within the vicinity and spread to a neighboring property.”

And it wasn’t the only fire the children had allegedly started.

The lawsuit said that they had started another fire three days prior to the one that sparked the wildfire.

The state is demanding that the parents pay $675,178 to help pay for the cost of fighting the fire and also for some of the damage caused. No one was injured, and no structures were destroyed in the blaze dubbed the Skyline 3 Fire.

The lawsuit said the parents “should have recognized the necessity to adequately supervise and monitor their minor children to prevent the very same risk of harm that ultimately led to the Skyline 3 Fire.”

Here’s more about the 100-acre fire fine:

State of California says kids started a wildfire in Jamul and now wants parents to pay more than

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