At White House Dinner Joe Biden Tells Regime Media It’s Over for Tucker Carlson to Vocal Gasps

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Joe Biden gloated over Tucker Carlson’s removal from the FOX News linup last night at the annual White House press dinner.

The regime media did not quite know how to react. Of course, they all hate Tucker Carlson and the MAGA voters, but they held back their cheers.

Joe Biden snarked,

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“The job isn’t finished, I mean it is finished for Tucker Carlson,” he said to audible boos from the crowd.

What are you booing about, like you think that’s not reasonable? Give me a break.”

Biden has singlehandedly destroyed the Middle Class and ruined lives with his vaccine mandates and lies. Only a toxic mainstream media appreciates his humor.

The best thing about the Biden years is the media has exposed their wicked and dangerous leftwing bias for all time. There is no coming back for them. It’s over.

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