Cultural Double Standard on Full Display as Pizza Joint Targets Clarence Thomas

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If you ever have the misfortune of having to travel to our nation’s capital, Philadelphia, or New York City, and you happen to see a pizza joint called &pizza, don’t go in. This small Eastern pizza chain is selling more than pies: it’s pushing hateful and virulent Leftist agitprop, and has most recently targeted Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. The fact that &pizza would feel free to target Thomas, and that a patriotic pizza chain wouldn’t dare to mock any Leftist justice in a similar vein, is the latest illustration of our immense and growing cultural double standard.

The Left has nursed an incandescent hatred of Clarence Thomas for decades now, as he has committed at least two unpardonable sins: above all, he is black, but is not an America-hating Leftist; instead, he is a patriot who believes that the Supreme Court should actually rule in accordance with the Constitution, rather than make up new legal theories as they go along in order to justify the Left’s latest obsessions into law. Then there is the fact that he has been a pro-life stalwart on the high court, and was one of the justices who voted to overturn Roe v. Wade.

The Left has tried several times to defame and destroy Thomas, most recently with new calls for his impeachment because he went on his friend’s yacht. It’s absurd, and quite clear that no ethics rules were broken, but when have Leftists ever cared for such niceties? If they can impeach a president over a phone call and then again for a fake insurrection that looks increasingly as if they themselves fabricated it, then they can impeach a Supreme Court justice for going on vacation with a friend. Or at the very least, they can mock and scorn him at all levels of the popular culture, as part of their ongoing efforts to smear patriots as self-serving and corrupt.

Enter &pizza. According to a Fox News report on Tuesday, the chain paused from serving up greasy slabs of flatbread covered with tomato and cheese  to announce an offer: “Every pie on sale, Just like Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.” Now, this might make some modicum of sense if Thomas’ rich friend, Harlan Crow, had been telling Thomas how to vote and then paying him off with fancy vacations, but there is no indication that Thomas ever supported or opposed anything except on his own principled considerations.

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Even the Leftist rag that published this supposed “bombshell” exposé about Thomas’ vacations charges only that the trips were not disclosed and should have been, when actually there are no such regulations. Fox noted that “Justices are not required to disclose invitations and travel that are considered ‘personal hospitality’ and the Supreme Court is not subject to an ethics code.” Nonetheless, &pizza’s capitalist owners, no doubt enraged at Thomas’ role in obstructing sacrifices to Moloch, seized the opportunity to hit Thomas anyway.

They’ve done this sort of thing before. According to Fox, “during the middle of nationwide protests following the police-involved death of George Floyd, the pizza chain offered its employees paid time off for activism.” On May 31, 2020, &pizza tweeted: “For those in this pain. For those in this fight. We stand with the Black Community against racial hate and injustice. In memory of George Floyd & in UNITY always. From this day forward, @andpizza will be giving its employees paid time off for activism.”

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Hey, nice work if you can get it. Get a job in a pizza joint and you don’t have to make a single pizza: just go out on the barricades, harass and abuse people who think men can’t become women and America doesn’t really have a problem with “systemic racism,” and the pizza joint will pay for your tofu and soy lattes.

The supreme irony here is that &pizza thinks it’s championing the oppressed and the marginalized, when no one is more mainstream today than cosseted Leftists such as those who run this pizza outfit. No one said a word when they targeted Thomas, but consider this: if a patriot owned a pizza chain and ran an ad mocking Sonia Sotomayor, the chain would be denounced, picketed, boycotted, and menaced. If &pizza really wanted to champion the marginalized, it would run a pro-life ad. Let’s just say I won’t be holding my breath. And I certainly won’t be trying any of their pies.

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