​Puberty blockers prescribed to children as young as 8, medical professionals admit to undercover Project Veritas journalists

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A Wednesday report from Project Veritas revealed that medical professionals in the transgender surgery industry have been prescribing puberty blockers with potentially permanent effects to children as young as 8 years old.

A new video released by the nonprofit undercover journalist enterprise showed medical professionals nationwide admitting to providing controversial and potentially irreversible transgender “treatment” to young children confused about their gender identity.

Some medical professionals noted that they follow the World Professional Association of Transgender Health’s guidelines when determining whether to provide a child with puberty blockers, cross-gender hormones, or mutilating surgeries.

Dr. John Steever, who works at New York City’s Mount Sinai Adolescent Health Center in the pediatrics division, told an undercover journalist that he believes most teenagers are capable of making informed decisions regarding their treatment options.

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When asked how he would treat a 10-year-old wishing to transition to the opposite sex, Steever suggested starting with puberty blockers.

“I follow the WPATH guidelines, the World Professional Association of Transgender Health guidelines, and really what they would say is, the way to go at this age – age 10 — would be something like a puberty blocker…and that really stops puberty pretty quickly so that no further development of the secondary sexual characteristics happen. So, things like, there’s no real chest development. There’s no menstruation. Things like that,” Steever said.

When the child turns 14 years old, Steever stated that taking cross-gender hormones would be the next step.

“When you then get to age 14 is when I’ll consider some, you know, cross-gender hormones. Fourteen [years-old] is a reasonable age. Most kids are mature enough to make a relatively informed decision,” he said.

Steever noted that taking cross-gender hormones, specifically testosterone, would have “some permanent effect.” Therefore, the child would need to be “mature enough to make a relatively informed decision.”

The Project Veritas video featured a conversation with Matthew Pabis, a New York City Family Medicine Specialist. He explained that a medical professional could perform gender surgery, including mastectomies, on a 10-year-old as long as a psychiatrist would be willing to sign off on it.

“I’ve never done a 10-year-old,” Pabis stated. “I’ve done 15, 16 [years old].”

“You don’t think anybody can do that for a 10-year-old? To do the surgery?” an undercover journalist asked Pabis.

“They could, yeah!” Pabis replied.

Nora Scott, a licensed social worker with the Dell Children’s Medical Center in Austin, Texas, told an undercover journalist that children as young as 8 and 9 could be considered for surgery.

“We do have patients who are starting [transition] as young as 8, 9 [years old],” Scott stated.

Project Veritas plans to release the second part of the series Thursday evening.

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