Matt Walsh’s Twitter account apparently hacked

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The Twitter account of conservative commentator Matt Walsh of the Daily Wire was apparently hacked.

The hack was quite obvious because wildly inappropriate content was reportedly posted to the account.

According to screenshots shared by journalist Andy Ngô, one of the tweets posted to Walsh’s account referred to Shapiro as “A Closeted Homosexual” who hides “Behind Being Jewish.”

Another post read, “My Pronouns Are That/N****.”

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“My Twitter Isn’t Hacked, This Is Just The Real Me Coming Out,” another tweet claimed.

While the tweets have apparently been removed from the account, there is still a link on Walsh’s profile that directs to a song on Spotify called “Sassy Shooters,” and it appears that the banner photo on Walsh’s account has been changed.

Walsh is a prominent and outspoken opponent of radical leftist gender ideology. His Daily Wire documentary “What Is a Woman?” delves into the issue, and he has also authored a children’s book meant to push back against the woke ideology.


“Over the past few months, my friend @mattwalshblog has been threatened to the extent that he’s had to have full-time security at his home to protect his family. Now he’s been hacked. The tolerant and diverse and kind crowd are celebrating, of course,” Shapiro tweeted. “They tell you who they are. Believe them,” he added.

Shapiro screenshotted a few tweets, including one in which Alejandra Caraballo wrote, “Matt Walsh’s account has been hacked. Couldn’t have happened to a more miserable piece of s***.”

“RT IF YOU THINK THAT THE HACK COULDN’T HAVE HAPPENED TO A ‘NICER’ GUY!” the Occupy Democrats Twitter account tweeted.

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