Video: Drag queen performs in Minnesota state Capitol rotunda for cheering crowd celebrating Transgender Day of Visibility

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A drag queen was captured on video performing in the Minnesota state Capitol rotunda for a cheering crowd Friday morning in celebration of Transgender Day of Visibility.

Guy Still, assignment manager for WCCO-TV, posted the clip on Twitter, noting the dance routine was part of a drag show:

Similar events were held across the country Friday, WCCO-TV reported, adding that the Trans Day of Visibility is an international phenomenon and was founded in 2009.

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More from the station:

Minnesota lawmakers recently passed legislation, which Gov. Tim Walz signed into law, that aimed to make Minnesota a “refuge” for transgender people. Those pushing the legislation forward said it would protect trans patients and providers of gender-affirming care from legal action in other states where such care is banned or restricted, creating a safe haven in Minnesota.

Walz, a Democrat, earlier this month issued an executive order reflecting the state’s “refuge” status for trans individuals.

How are folks reacting to the video?

As you might guess, not everybody was jazzed over the drag queen’s performance within the stately rotunda:

  • “This just… I can’t… Dear lord,” one commenter lamented.
  • “Nasty,” another user noted.
  • “One huge reason I left my home state,” another commenter shared.
  • “Absolutely despicable!” another user declared.
  • “Congratulations MN…you are officially a laughing stock,” another commenter stated.
  • “They love to shove it in our faces to make sure we know they are the masters,” another user observed. “They dare us to react. They will find out that the majority of people are starting to speak out. This needs to stop.”
  • “Is this a joke? I don’t care, and my best friend is trans, but wtf?” another commenter offered. “Not the time, nor the place for this.”

Anything else?

Elsewhere in the U.S., the organizers behind the “Trans Day of Vengeance” scheduled for this weekend called off the event, citing “a credible threat to life and safety.”

Prior to the cancellation, Twitter removed over 5,000 tweets and retweets showing a poster for the “Trans Day of Vengeance,” saying they “incite violence,” the Associated Press reported.

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